Get Definition with our Semi Private training!  Our SPT sessions have 6+ people per session all seeking the the Lean, Toned, Defined, Sexy Body you desire.  Each session is personalized to each individual client and their abilities.  Our SPT includes a Macro Based Customized Nutrition Program(strategic and simple), Training Program(3 x per week monday, weds, friday), HIIT(high intensity interval training program) to be done on your own  Tues, Thurs, Sat, accountability, constant contact with daily support and Guaranteed RESULTS .  Our team members are very welcoming, encouraging, create a positive atmosphere with beginners all the way to advanced. For more information Contact us NOW! 

"Do as directed and you will look and feel better than you've ever expected."

Want One on One attention?  We have you covered!  We also provide personal training one on one for qualified applicants.  This includes Training 3-5x per week, HIIT Schedule, Accountability, constant contact, daily support, macro based personalized meal plan and Guaranteed Results!  To get started contact us now!

Cant make it to our gym personally?  We have you covered!  We also have an online coaching program, which includes Macro Based Nutrition Plan, Daily Accountability with required checkins, 6 workouts to perform weekly which updates every 4 weeks, and daily support via text, email, phone, facebook.  For more information or to join Contact Us now!

Take your body to the NEXT level and prepare for a competition! Our Competition Prep Program Includes Boot Camp Training After which includes a customized nutrition plan, weight-training program, cardio schedule, supplement recommendations and Posing practice. To get started Contact us.

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