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7 Rules to stay fit on Vacation

Its the season, the time where everyone is going on vacation.   This is the time of year where the beaches at the most exotic places are packed.  This is also the time for cruises.  Needless to say this is also the time where most people completely ruin their results and destroy all their hard work.  That is until this time, because Im going to teach you some tricks.  These tips and tricks can be applied any time, anywhere, business travel, vacation, these are the STAY RIPPED RULES to keeping your results YEAR ROUND.

I have been seeing some blogs with this topic floating around, and frankly, they are weak or downright suck.  So I'm taking the time right now to give you the NON filtered, raw truth, that you NEED to hear so you can follow the rules and be sexy as f**k all year.

Rule #1.  Plan Ahead.  You KNOW exactly where you are going.  So you need to do your homework, look for the gym you're going to train at, what restaurants you're going to be eating at, their menus and PLAN ahead.  If possible book a hotel with a kitchen and look for a grocery store nearby that you can shop at once you arrive.  If you are driving, pack an ice chest full of cooked up protein, veggies, fruit( Bring your food scale too). If you're taking a cruise or doing an all inclusive follow the "Protein First" rule listed below.

Its best to eat meals that YOU make and prepare, which is why packing your own food, or booking a hotel with kitchen is always the smartest choice.

Your body is the sum result of HOW you eat.  So you need to always  Plan your food intake ahead of time.  You need to always be thinking 2-5 steps ahead about what you're going to EAT and where you are going to train.  No EXCUSES.

Rule #2.  Morning burn!  Burn 1,000-1,500 calories!

 Its vacation, I get it, you want to have fun, maybe relax, sit by the pool and sip on some drinks.  Which is EXACTLY why you need to get your ass up EARLY EVERY day and TRAIN!  You need to put in work for 60-90 mins each day, hard and intense, getting your calorie output UP.  Even with you making good choices at restaurants its STILL going to have WAAAAY more calories than you think it is.  So you need to train DAILY to get your total calorie burn UP, so you dont overeat and get FAT.

Incase you dont know, anytime you OVERCONSUME calories they get stored as FAT.  Even if they are healthy.   So a typical female who doesnt train may only burn about 1100-1500 calories a day without a workout.   One meal at a restaurant can put you at around 500-1000 calories(eating smart) up to 5000+ calories(eating like an idiot bread, pasta, dessert, pizza, and drinks etc), this doesnt even include all your other meals that you have eaten throughout the day. Which is why not training and eating out can easily lead to overconsumption and you getting fat.    So by NOT training, its setting you up for a recipe of guaranteed muffin tops, double chins and cellulite.  

Thats unacceptable.  Live better.

GTFU early and go BURN!!!!!!  

PLAN and schedule your DAILY training that you intend to do each morning before enjoying yourself.  

Get your ass up, hit the gym, go do some sprints, plyometrics.  Or do an intense HIKE uphill.  Be active.

So this means when you pack for the trip you need to pack your heart rate monitor, pack gym clothes, gym shoes, preworkout, salt, and whatever else you may need to get your training in.  DO IT!!!  I personally just carry my gym bag everywhere, I use it as my carry-on on planes.

On top of this plan adventures on your trips.  Dont make your entire trip about eating and drinking.  Go do adventurous things that are going to create adrenaline, memories, and burn some calories!   


Rule #3. Hydrate.  Invest in a bunch of gallon jugs, liters, etc.  Bring water with you.  One of the keys to looking good, feeling good is being adequately hydrated.  This also helps eliminate the toxins from foods, the excess sodium from restaurant foods, and keeps you energy levels up.  You may not know this, but being dehydrated also leads to hunger and cravings.  Yup, its true.  People tend to not hydrate well while traveling and end up triggering carb cravings  because of it.  Because thats what happens when you get dehydrated.  So drink water all day.  Invest in lots of water daily.  

You should be peeing every 15-30 mins at the longest, and it should be clear or almost clear if you're hydrated.

Drink. drink. drink.  1-3 gallons a DAY.

Rule #4.  PVF.  This stands for Protein and Veggies First.  This is what I teach in my book, all my clients, and a trick I do myself.  This rule applies ALL the time, but especially when you are on vacation, traveling, eating out.  Always, always, always eat your protein FIRST before anything else touches your tongue.

 The reason we PVF is because this will slow the digestion of the Carbs/Alcohol and keep your blood sugar in check, your energy levels stable, and make you FULLER quicker and longer.  Which means you will prevent blood sugar spike and crash, cravings, and OVER eating.  When you naturally feel fuller, you naturally eat less, which means you are less likely to overeat.  Genius, right? I know.  

Where most people fuck up is they go out, they eat the chips, bread, order drinks, eat appetizers first(with sugar/flour) which is the WRONG way to do it.  This way leads to a spike in their blood sugar, Insulin burst(Storage hormone), a blood sugar crash, cravings, and a BINGE.  This is HOW you end up eating a 5,000+ calorie meal.  

This is why they always get FAT on vacations.  

This is probably also the top reason why most people show up fat every monday, because they do this each weekend.  Now you know why, so STOP IT.

Eat protein and veggies first.  Dont touch any bread, pasta, or other crap EVER.  Dont touch any carbs, any alcohol, anything, until you have put some Grilled protein and veggies in your belly.

Yes, you just read that right, order Grilled protein and veggies, keep it simple, because even this is going to have WAAAAY more calories than you think.  That meal would be like 350-500 if you made it at home,  but it may be more like 700-1000+ at a restaurant.  You have no idea what they are putting on the foods, or how its prepared, or the serving size.  So ALWAYS over estimate when tracking your food on your myfitnesspal app.  Yes you MUST track on vacation too.  Being ripped is a lifestyle!  There are no days off.

So always order Protein, Veggies and occasionally some fruit when at restaurants.

This same PVF rule applies to your every day life as well.  So make it a habit.

Protein and veggies FIRST!

Rule #5.  NO sugar/ NO flour.  These are the fastest two ways to get fat.   Both of these are highly addictive, 8x more addictive than cocaine.  One bite, will lead to another and another, you having insane cravings, you over eating, and you getting FAAATTTT.  

You eat those your scale is going to burst by the time you get home.  So prevent cravings, prevent the binge, prevent the fat gain by being disciplined and avoiding these.  Ripped is a lifestyle!

Its always better to starve and wait until you get a SMARTER choice somewhere else, than it is to make a dumb choice that will lead to domino effect of BAD choices.  

That means tell the waitress, no bread, no chips, no flour, no dessert when you get seated.  You're going to be on vacation for 3-14 days, you are going to be eating out constantly, you are already getting MORE Than enough calories even if you're making healthy choices, so do NOT be weak, not even ONE bite.

Get in the mindset "I dont eat that"  program this as a belief and live by it.

Order grilled protein, veggies and socialize.

Save the calories for your alcohol.  ;)  If you dont drink, then just save your calories.

Rule #6.  Drink Smart.  This is also another area where most people blow it, they dont follow the first 5 rules, and they also order the worst drinks possible.   If you havent noticed already, your calorie intake is going to be alot higher than you even realize even making smart choices, by ordering terrible drinks you're destroying all of your hard work.  So when it comes to alcohol, here are the rules, Red Wine, straight shots, or whiskey on the rocks.  Thats it!  Thats all you get.  And it better come AFTER you ate protein and veggies.

That means no mixed drinks, no mai tais, no sugary cocktails, no beer, no champagne, no fruity shots, no sweetened martinis, just PURE alcohol.   This does TWO things, gets you intoxicated quicker, and it saves you 100's-1,000's of excessively consumed calories and $$$.   We gotta keep your calories in check and as low as possible.

Also keep in mind that when you drink, it often times will make you HUNGRY. Typically it causes carb cravings.  Be aware, be disciplined.  If you're ravenously hungry go order a steak and drink lots of water.  NO CARBS, this will lead to cravings for more.

Rule #7.  Track.  "All winners are trackers"  People who track their food intake (myfitnesspal app) are TWO TIMES more successful than those who do not.  TWO TIMES!  2x!!!  Being on vacation is no different than any other day, you need to TRACK everything you consume to create AWARENESS about how much you have consumed.  Its not going to be on the money accurate, but if you always over estimate servings and calories and TRACK youll have an idea where you are.  

This is self accountability.  The awareness that it creates will make you more mindful, disciplined, and make you make BETTER choices.

I've found that people who dont track, only dont because they dont want to SEE or know how bad it is.  But guess what?  Thats ignorant.  You SHOULD know whats going in your body at all times so you can be aware and make smarter choices.  This is HOW fit people get and stay fit.  This is HOW you are going to create your physique and KEEP it.  Living ripped is a lifestyle!

So there you go 7 Rules to live by on vacation and in LIFE.  Do these all the time and you will look incredible ALL the time.

Doesnt matter if you're driving, flying, on a cruise, or an all inclusive, these rules STAND.

To sum it up:

Rule #1 Plan Ahead.  Food. Training.

Rule #2 Train first thing DAILY.  Get your calorie burn UP!

Rule #3.  Hydrate.

Rule #4. Protein First. Always.  Keep your body, hormones, appetite in check.

Rule #5.  No sugar. No flour.  EVER.

Rule #6.  Drink Smart.  Red wine. straight shots. whiskey.

Rule #7.  Track everything so you are aware.

So there you go, these are the vital 7 you MUST follow year round and especially while traveling.

Like what you just learned?  Then youll LOVE my book because its packed full of all the secrets to nutrition, mindset, training, and lifestyle.  You can get it here

Share this!  Theres lots of people going on vacation soon! 

Thank you for reading.  Thank you for sharing.

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As always Im going to be REAL with you and break down the simple Logic and Science to back this up.


(This information comes from Science, The top trainers in the world, and pure experience)

For some reason when people are going on a Weight Loss/Fat Loss journey they always prioritize cardio.   People think "I wanna lose 30lbs" and they go straight to the gym and run on the treadmill like hamsters on a wheel.

I know You see the avg Janes/Joes plugging away on cardio for hours each week yet they look the same.  They are super soft and undefined.  And Im sure most of you being as Victim Mind setted as most average Americans are, you just probably assume they have bad genes.  Nope!  Fat is NOT genetic.


The majority of you have the order of importance to fat loss all BACKWARDS, and thats why you havent gotten the results you want.  So thats why Im writing this blog to cut through the BS and give you the TRUTH.  

Know This, Getting Leaner, More Toned, Losing weight, Fat Loss, Getting Ripped all have one thing in Common, they ALL require you to LOSE FAT.   You already have the lines in the arms, legs, abs, you already have a 6 pack, its how the body is designed, everyone does.  You just cant see it because there is a thick layer of fat covering it.  

Never seen your abs?  Well, thats because you never ate right or worked out properly.  Yes, even as a kid.  If you were more active, and your parents werent feeding you twinkies, hot dogs and mcdonalds you woulda been lean as a kid.   

Now most people when focusing on changing their body focus on CARDIO, but CARDIO is the LAST thing you should be doing.  (Now when Im speaking of Cardio I mean doing 45-60 mins 1-2x  a day on treadmill, step mill or elliptical.  Running marathons/half marathons.  Cycling.  Etc. )

 "The most important factor that determines your Fat Loss is your BMR(Basal metabolic rate.  amount of calories your body burns at rest just for daily survival and  Bodily functions..).  Not doing endless hours of cardio.  Not working out for hours and hours each day.  Not caloric deficit.  Without a high BMR you are just spinning your wheels in the mud, you're going NOWHERE.  You could be eating No carbs/Fats, finish each day with a 500-1,000 calorie deficit, doing 2 hours of cardio, but with no BMR you cannot and will not lose bodyfat."- JD

Now lets examine why and how metabolic rate becomes damaged.

Things that damage metabolic rate:

1) Doing TOO MUCH steady state/low intensity cardio (spin class, running marathons, doing long bike rides, walking on treadmill, running on the treadmill for 45-60mins,  stairmaster, eliptical, etc etc) You lose the fat burning component of steady state cardio very quickly.  The first week or two it will be quick but doing endless hours of cardio daily/weekly is not getting a fat burning effect, but rather just eating up/Burning off muscle and REDUCING metabolism.  Ever notice the people who workout everyday, running on the treadmill for hours each week, yet still look awful?  Exhibit A.  

2) Starving.  The big majority of people who go on a weight loss/fat loss journey usually tend to STARVE themselves.  Not from like an anorexia standpoint, but damn close.  They tend to think "If im supposed to be eating 1,500 calories to lose weight/Fat, then I will eat even less and Ill lose more faster!"  Wrong!   Restricting your calories too much, will trigger your bodies Starvation Response.  When that happens it will Start burning off MUSCLE, which will SLOW your metabolism(BMR),  and SAVING your FAT.  This destroys your metabolism and fat burning ability.

3) Youre Blind.  If you're blind to the math of what you're doing, only eating 800-1,200 calories per day and burning 500-1000 calories in your workouts, you are damaging your metabolic rate.

4) Staying on low calories too long.  Your body is ALWAYS thinking survival, so if you keep eating LOW calories your body is going to ADAPT to the lower caloric intake by REDUCING its metabolic rate.  This is why Carb Cycling/Cheat Meals/Refeed meals are so CRUCIAL to your success.  It Refeeds your body, spikes your caloric intake to support a high metabolic rate and preventing damage and muscle loss.  You cannot eat low calories for long periods without damaging your body and metabolism. 

Things that build metabolic rate

1) Lifting weights, building/maintaining muscle. High intensity Strength Training, High Intensity Interval training. Women i cannot stress this enough. You need to lift hard, heavy and often. You dont get bulky from lifting weights, you get bulky from the cupcakes you eat. Adding muscle adds to metabolic rate, more specifically the more muscle you have the more calories your body burns at rest.  

2) HIIT Cardio.  High Intensity Interval Training.  This is the ONLY type of cardio the body does not adapt to.  It supports the metabolic rate as well as the fat burning component. 

3)Eat ENOUGH good calories.  You need to EAT to lose fat.  You need to EAT to build/Maintain muscle.  If you starve yourself, you will starve your bodies ability to burn fat.  If you starve yourself, you starve your results.

The majority of competitors and competition coaches are OLD SCHOOL. They starve you with super low calorie diets and have you doing tons of CARDIO.   What you need to keep in mind as well, is alot of these Coaches are using performance enhancing drugs.  So what THEY do to melt fat will not work for you as well.  Because of the drugs they are taking they are able to maintain their muscles better with the HOURS of cardio they would be doing.  Most these coaches tend to prescribe THEIR same method of reducing bodyfat instead of what SCIENCE has proven.  They tend to neglect whats best for you, your health, and your ability to maintain a Lean, Toned, Physique once you have reached your goal.

So beware.  Because if you're doing endless hours of cardio, The minute you stop doing all this cardio and eat a meal out at a restaurant you gain it back faster than before.  This is known as the Rebound.  And its quite common with average people and new competitors.

This is because your BMR has been destroyed.  

So for example lets say a healthy adult female has a BMR of  1500 calories per day without any exercise.  Remember your BMR is known as your  basal metabolic rate, which is the amount of calories your body burns at rest just for daily survival and  Bodily functions.   Most competitors and average people by the time of they get to their goal or show have damaged their metabolic rate so much that their BMR may be as low as 2-300 calories per day. So the minute the show is over and you eat a few normal meals, while not doing the HOURS of cardio sessions your body immediately gains bodyfat and fast.   This is why you see so many competitors REBOUND and get FAT after a show.  This is why you see people lose weight and then gain it all back and then some.  

"A normal healthy person who was eating properly and working out properly would have their metabolism to keep them in check on those normal meals. " - JD modified

Now lets get a lil deeper.. 

The Science behind why you need to stop doing hours of cardio

One of the most detrimental effects of this type of training—one that applies especially to women:

Studies—both clinical and observational—make a compelling case that too much cardio can impair the production of the thyroid hormone T3, its effectiveness and metabolism, particularly when accompanied by caloric restriction, which as we just stated above is all too common.  

For most people this is the typical route for the typical person wanting to lose weight.  They severely restrict calories, then go do tons of cardio.  And most of them run on the treadmill or spend tons of time on the elliptical,  because they are the least likely pieces of equipment to intimidate them.  

As I mentioned above This is why many figure and bikini competitors explode in weight when they return to their normal diets, and it’s why the average women of the world can run for hours each week and not lose weight/fat. 

What is T3?

T3 is the body’s regulator of metabolism, by the way it throttles the efficiency of cells. It also acts in various ways to increase heat production. This is one reason why using the typical equations of calories-in, calories-out,  calculations doesn’t work.

When T3 levels are normal, the body burns energy to stay warm, and muscles function properly and efficiently. When there’s too much thyroid hormone (hyperthyroidism), the body goes into a state where weight gain is almost impossible.  (Ectomorphs)   Too little T3 (hypothyroidism), and the body accumulates body fat with ease, almost regardless of physical activity level. Women especially, put themselves into a hypothyroid condition when they perform so much steady-state cardio.

In the quest to lose body fat, T3 levels can offer both success and miserable failure because of the way it influences other fat-regulating hormones. Women tend to get all the other negative effects of this, which I’ll cover below. Don’t be surprised here. This is a simple, sensible adaptation of a body that’s designed to SURVIVE at all costs.

We Were Not Designed For Endurance

Now remember this, Your body is always focused on Survival, a responsive, adaptive machine that has evolved for survival of one self and its species. If you’re running on a regular basis, your body senses this excessive energy expenditure, and adjusts to SURVIVE/Burn less.  Remember, no matter which way we hope the body works, its MISSION is always survival. If you waste energy running and doing cardio for hours, your body will react by slowing your metabolism to conserve energy. Decreasing energy output is biologically a survival response and optimal for your body.

Your body wants to survive longer while you do what it views as a stressful, useless activity.  Decreasing T3 production increases its efficiency and adjusts your metabolism to preserve energy immediately.  So in english, this means if you keep running, biking, swimming, doing stepmill for hours,  its slowing down your metabolism and destroying your fat burning ability.  BMR is slowly being chipped away.

Nothing exemplifies this increasing efficiency better than the way the body starts burning fuel. Training consistently at 65 percent or more of your max heart rate(which is the old school, Ineffective Fat Burning Zone BS that some coaches/trainers still prescribe) adapts your body to save as much body fat as possible. After regular training, fat cells stop releasing fat the way they once did during moderate-intensity activities. Energy from body fat stores also decreases by 30 percent.  Then your body sets into motion a series of reactions that make it difficult for muscle to burn fat at all. Instead of burning body fat, your body takes extraordinary measures to retain it.  Thats why Running Jane is still looking really soft, her bodyfat levels arent budging.  

That’s not all, You can still lose muscle mass. Too much steady-state cardio actually triggers the loss of muscle.  Doing lots of cardio triggers the release of Cortisol, with heightened and consistent leves of cortisol triggering muscle loss, and promotes fat gain.   Muscle loss leads to a FLABBY physique.  Say goodbye to bone density, too, because it declines with that decreasing muscle mass and strength.

And long term health? Out the window, as well. Your percentage of muscle mass is an independent indicator of health. You’ll lose muscle, lose bone, and lose health.  Scary enough?

When all these factors are put together, these  coordinate a symphony of fat gain for most DIETERS/Runners/competitors after contests. 

After a a few months of 10-20-plus hours of cardio per week, and low calories, fat burning hits astonishing lows, and fat cells await an increase of calories to store. The worst thing imaginable in this state would be to eat whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. The combination of elevated insulin and cortisol would make you fat, and it could also create new fat cells so you could become even fatter.  

And guess what they try to do to fix it? Double sessions of cardio and starve!

This “cardio craze” is a form of insanity, and its unnecessary. There are better ways to lose fat, and there are better ways to look good. Your Lean body is NOT at the end of a marathon or at the end of an hour long cardio session 1-2x a day.  In fact, it’s  the opposite of using steady-state cardio to get there. The show may be over, and the finish line crossed, but the damage to your metabolism has just begun.

So you've seen the information, you've seen the examples and the science.  Now lets talk about the solution

So how do we fix this?  Get your BMR HIGH!


#1 STOP Starving!  This article is about cardio, but I want to make sure I emphasize to EAT enough calories.  Remember one of the biggest factors of Fat Loss is having a HIGH BMR.  You need to FEED to keep it high.  But dont eat like Ms. Piggy,  Keep your calories in check and in a DEFICIT, just dont go below your recommended deficit amount.  You do need a slight deficit to burn fat but not a huge DEFICIT.   Its always better to EAT a bit more and Burn more via Busting your ass, then it is to Starve/restrict.   Having a higher BMR + Intense workout = Awesome Results.  For example a woman with a BMR of 1,500 busting her ass in her workouts could be burning a total of 2,000-2,300+ a day.  Thats why I say Keep your BMR high by Eating Right, then KILL your workouts.  Now Im going to explain more below.  

#2  LIFT weights.   Stop doing steady state cardio!    Low Intensity Cardio Kills your metabolism.  You need to INCREASE your metabolism.  To get a hot, toned, sexy body you HAVE to lift weights.  Lifting weights not only helps you build/maintain muscle while you're on a caloric deficit,  it helps you burn fat.  

Next time you go to your gym I want you to pay attention to it, Look at the cardio area and youll see thats where all the FAT people are.  Look at the weight training area and youll see thats where all the FIT people are.   

Girls Lifting  is how nice legs, butt and arms are made.   This is the foundation of that bikini body.  

Guys Lifting is where big pecs, big guns, 6 pack abs(only if nutrition is dialed in),  cobra spread lats, V taper, The Adonis Effect is MADE.  

The more muscle you have the more calories you burn even at rest.  

EPOC aka Afterburn.  Weight training has an afterburn effect that traditional cardio doesnt.  That means that your metabolism is revving higher for 24-72 hours later from your weight training workout.  Studies have shown up to an extra 10% calories burned.  So that means a woman who had a BMR of 1,500 cals a day, just bumped her BMR up to 1,650 a day, and that doesnt even include how much she burns from her next workout.   Can you say YAY!  More fat burning!  The more calories you're burning, the more fat you're losing.   Make Sense?  Good.  

Now when I say lift weights, I dont mean F'n Barbie weights!  I mean LIFT WEIGHTS!

You need to be doing Big compound moves  Deadlifts, Squats, Lunges, Bench Press, Shoulder press, pullups, rows.  You need to do them with HEAVY weights and INTENSITY.  You need to be sore pretty much ALL week.  If you're not, you're not challenging your body enough to create change.   You have to challenge your body to make it change.  

There are honestly MILLIONS of ways to do this you can Google "Workout Splits" and get tons of options

From splitting the body parts up and doing one bodypart a day

Mon Legs,

Tues Chest,

Weds Back,

Thurs shoulders,

friday Arms,

Sat abs,

Sunday rest

Doing a 3 day split

Monday Legs(Quads, Hamstrings, Calves)

Weds Back/Chest

Fri Arms/Shoulders

Sat Cardio

Doing Total Body(all bodyparts) 3x a week.  

Monday Chest/Back/Legs/Shoulders/Abs/Arms

Wednesday  Chest/Back/Legs/Shoulders/Abs/Arms

Friday  Chest/Back/Legs/Shoulders/Abs/Arms

Theres no magic, the key is INTENSITY.   Go heavy, Go hard, Get it done Quickly!

H.I.R.T  It!!!  High Intensity Resistance Training.  Group 3-4 exercises together and do them back to back.  Keep rest periods short.  Repeat.  

For Example:

Leg day (you should be struggling on the last couple reps of each move if the weight is correct)

10 reps each. Barbell Squats,  Dumbell Step ups, laying hamstring curls. Rest 90 secs.  5 rounds.  

10 reps each. Barbell walking lunges, Dumbell squats, Stiff leg deadlifts. Rest 90 secs.  5 rounds.  

The most important aspect is INTENSITY.  Lift Heavy, Work hard, Limited rest periods.  You're in the gym to make improvements not Fucking socialize.  So GET to work!  

This saves time, melts fat, and gets you an Afterburn

#2 HIIT it!   No more long boring cardio workouts.  The body is NOT designed for endurance.  We are the ONLY dumb animal on this planet that does 26.2-100mile runs.  We are not supposed to be training like this.  We are designed for short, intense bursts followed by a recovery.  So instead of doing long ass boring cardio, do HIIT.  High Intensity Interval Training.   The BEST source of HIIT is Sprints.  Track sprints, field sprints, hill sprints.  You can do HIIT even on the damn treadmill and elliptical.  But I would recommend outdoor because it has a higher calorie burn effect and EPOC/Afterburn. 

When it comes to runners you see 3 kinds....The average Jane who runs distance or hours on treadmill tends to be soft, flabby, undefined due to the high bodyfat levels and little muscle.  The top level athlete marathon runners are lean, but emaciated, old looking, sucked up, usually have NO ASS, and are just bones.  And then you have the top level sprinter, lean, toned, great physique, girls have GREAT ASSES, young looking and very athletic.  


The Sprinters have awesome physiques because their entire training revolves around HIIT and they do Resistance training.

Example Sprint workout

Go to a Football Field/Track  Sprint 100y/100m.  Sprint means F'n Sprint, not run fast or jog.   It means Full SPEED all out Sprint! Bust your ass!

Walk back.

Repeat 10-20x.




Now stretch and go home and enjoy life.

You workout was done in 10-20mins!  Wow!  Isnt that awesome!

So as you can see doing long boring cardio is NOT how Lean, Toned/Ripped(guys) bodies are made.  They are made from High Intensity Training and Good adequate nutrition.

So next time youre planning on your workout, know AHEAD of time what you're going to do, write it down, plan your MADNESS and kill it!

Your Swimsuit body is waiting for you to put in the WORK.

There is no easy way, if you want the body you HAVE to do what it takes.  It doesnt take alot of time, but it does take alot of discipline.

Discipline is the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be.






So get off the Fn treadmill and Lift some Weights and do some sprints!


Committed to cutting through the crap and giving you the REAL info

Daymond Sewall

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