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7 Rules to stay fit on Vacation

Its the season, the time where everyone is going on vacation.   This is the time of year where the beaches at the most exotic places are packed.  This is also the time for cruises.  Needless to say this is also the time where most people completely ruin their results and destroy all their hard work.  That is until this time, because Im going to teach you some tricks.  These tips and tricks can be applied any time, anywhere, business travel, vacation, these are the STAY RIPPED RULES to keeping your results YEAR ROUND.

I have been seeing some blogs with this topic floating around, and frankly, they are weak or downright suck.  So I'm taking the time right now to give you the NON filtered, raw truth, that you NEED to hear so you can follow the rules and be sexy as f**k all year.

Rule #1.  Plan Ahead.  You KNOW exactly where you are going.  So you need to do your homework, look for the gym you're going to train at, what restaurants you're going to be eating at, their menus and PLAN ahead.  If possible book a hotel with a kitchen and look for a grocery store nearby that you can shop at once you arrive.  If you are driving, pack an ice chest full of cooked up protein, veggies, fruit( Bring your food scale too). If you're taking a cruise or doing an all inclusive follow the "Protein First" rule listed below.

Its best to eat meals that YOU make and prepare, which is why packing your own food, or booking a hotel with kitchen is always the smartest choice.

Your body is the sum result of HOW you eat.  So you need to always  Plan your food intake ahead of time.  You need to always be thinking 2-5 steps ahead about what you're going to EAT and where you are going to train.  No EXCUSES.

Rule #2.  Morning burn!  Burn 1,000-1,500 calories!

 Its vacation, I get it, you want to have fun, maybe relax, sit by the pool and sip on some drinks.  Which is EXACTLY why you need to get your ass up EARLY EVERY day and TRAIN!  You need to put in work for 60-90 mins each day, hard and intense, getting your calorie output UP.  Even with you making good choices at restaurants its STILL going to have WAAAAY more calories than you think it is.  So you need to train DAILY to get your total calorie burn UP, so you dont overeat and get FAT.

Incase you dont know, anytime you OVERCONSUME calories they get stored as FAT.  Even if they are healthy.   So a typical female who doesnt train may only burn about 1100-1500 calories a day without a workout.   One meal at a restaurant can put you at around 500-1000 calories(eating smart) up to 5000+ calories(eating like an idiot bread, pasta, dessert, pizza, and drinks etc), this doesnt even include all your other meals that you have eaten throughout the day. Which is why not training and eating out can easily lead to overconsumption and you getting fat.    So by NOT training, its setting you up for a recipe of guaranteed muffin tops, double chins and cellulite.  

Thats unacceptable.  Live better.

GTFU early and go BURN!!!!!!  

PLAN and schedule your DAILY training that you intend to do each morning before enjoying yourself.  

Get your ass up, hit the gym, go do some sprints, plyometrics.  Or do an intense HIKE uphill.  Be active.

So this means when you pack for the trip you need to pack your heart rate monitor, pack gym clothes, gym shoes, preworkout, salt, and whatever else you may need to get your training in.  DO IT!!!  I personally just carry my gym bag everywhere, I use it as my carry-on on planes.

On top of this plan adventures on your trips.  Dont make your entire trip about eating and drinking.  Go do adventurous things that are going to create adrenaline, memories, and burn some calories!   


Rule #3. Hydrate.  Invest in a bunch of gallon jugs, liters, etc.  Bring water with you.  One of the keys to looking good, feeling good is being adequately hydrated.  This also helps eliminate the toxins from foods, the excess sodium from restaurant foods, and keeps you energy levels up.  You may not know this, but being dehydrated also leads to hunger and cravings.  Yup, its true.  People tend to not hydrate well while traveling and end up triggering carb cravings  because of it.  Because thats what happens when you get dehydrated.  So drink water all day.  Invest in lots of water daily.  

You should be peeing every 15-30 mins at the longest, and it should be clear or almost clear if you're hydrated.

Drink. drink. drink.  1-3 gallons a DAY.

Rule #4.  PVF.  This stands for Protein and Veggies First.  This is what I teach in my book, all my clients, and a trick I do myself.  This rule applies ALL the time, but especially when you are on vacation, traveling, eating out.  Always, always, always eat your protein FIRST before anything else touches your tongue.

 The reason we PVF is because this will slow the digestion of the Carbs/Alcohol and keep your blood sugar in check, your energy levels stable, and make you FULLER quicker and longer.  Which means you will prevent blood sugar spike and crash, cravings, and OVER eating.  When you naturally feel fuller, you naturally eat less, which means you are less likely to overeat.  Genius, right? I know.  

Where most people fuck up is they go out, they eat the chips, bread, order drinks, eat appetizers first(with sugar/flour) which is the WRONG way to do it.  This way leads to a spike in their blood sugar, Insulin burst(Storage hormone), a blood sugar crash, cravings, and a BINGE.  This is HOW you end up eating a 5,000+ calorie meal.  

This is why they always get FAT on vacations.  

This is probably also the top reason why most people show up fat every monday, because they do this each weekend.  Now you know why, so STOP IT.

Eat protein and veggies first.  Dont touch any bread, pasta, or other crap EVER.  Dont touch any carbs, any alcohol, anything, until you have put some Grilled protein and veggies in your belly.

Yes, you just read that right, order Grilled protein and veggies, keep it simple, because even this is going to have WAAAAY more calories than you think.  That meal would be like 350-500 if you made it at home,  but it may be more like 700-1000+ at a restaurant.  You have no idea what they are putting on the foods, or how its prepared, or the serving size.  So ALWAYS over estimate when tracking your food on your myfitnesspal app.  Yes you MUST track on vacation too.  Being ripped is a lifestyle!  There are no days off.

So always order Protein, Veggies and occasionally some fruit when at restaurants.

This same PVF rule applies to your every day life as well.  So make it a habit.

Protein and veggies FIRST!

Rule #5.  NO sugar/ NO flour.  These are the fastest two ways to get fat.   Both of these are highly addictive, 8x more addictive than cocaine.  One bite, will lead to another and another, you having insane cravings, you over eating, and you getting FAAATTTT.  

You eat those your scale is going to burst by the time you get home.  So prevent cravings, prevent the binge, prevent the fat gain by being disciplined and avoiding these.  Ripped is a lifestyle!

Its always better to starve and wait until you get a SMARTER choice somewhere else, than it is to make a dumb choice that will lead to domino effect of BAD choices.  

That means tell the waitress, no bread, no chips, no flour, no dessert when you get seated.  You're going to be on vacation for 3-14 days, you are going to be eating out constantly, you are already getting MORE Than enough calories even if you're making healthy choices, so do NOT be weak, not even ONE bite.

Get in the mindset "I dont eat that"  program this as a belief and live by it.

Order grilled protein, veggies and socialize.

Save the calories for your alcohol.  ;)  If you dont drink, then just save your calories.

Rule #6.  Drink Smart.  This is also another area where most people blow it, they dont follow the first 5 rules, and they also order the worst drinks possible.   If you havent noticed already, your calorie intake is going to be alot higher than you even realize even making smart choices, by ordering terrible drinks you're destroying all of your hard work.  So when it comes to alcohol, here are the rules, Red Wine, straight shots, or whiskey on the rocks.  Thats it!  Thats all you get.  And it better come AFTER you ate protein and veggies.

That means no mixed drinks, no mai tais, no sugary cocktails, no beer, no champagne, no fruity shots, no sweetened martinis, just PURE alcohol.   This does TWO things, gets you intoxicated quicker, and it saves you 100's-1,000's of excessively consumed calories and $$$.   We gotta keep your calories in check and as low as possible.

Also keep in mind that when you drink, it often times will make you HUNGRY. Typically it causes carb cravings.  Be aware, be disciplined.  If you're ravenously hungry go order a steak and drink lots of water.  NO CARBS, this will lead to cravings for more.

Rule #7.  Track.  "All winners are trackers"  People who track their food intake (myfitnesspal app) are TWO TIMES more successful than those who do not.  TWO TIMES!  2x!!!  Being on vacation is no different than any other day, you need to TRACK everything you consume to create AWARENESS about how much you have consumed.  Its not going to be on the money accurate, but if you always over estimate servings and calories and TRACK youll have an idea where you are.  

This is self accountability.  The awareness that it creates will make you more mindful, disciplined, and make you make BETTER choices.

I've found that people who dont track, only dont because they dont want to SEE or know how bad it is.  But guess what?  Thats ignorant.  You SHOULD know whats going in your body at all times so you can be aware and make smarter choices.  This is HOW fit people get and stay fit.  This is HOW you are going to create your physique and KEEP it.  Living ripped is a lifestyle!

So there you go 7 Rules to live by on vacation and in LIFE.  Do these all the time and you will look incredible ALL the time.

Doesnt matter if you're driving, flying, on a cruise, or an all inclusive, these rules STAND.

To sum it up:

Rule #1 Plan Ahead.  Food. Training.

Rule #2 Train first thing DAILY.  Get your calorie burn UP!

Rule #3.  Hydrate.

Rule #4. Protein First. Always.  Keep your body, hormones, appetite in check.

Rule #5.  No sugar. No flour.  EVER.

Rule #6.  Drink Smart.  Red wine. straight shots. whiskey.

Rule #7.  Track everything so you are aware.

So there you go, these are the vital 7 you MUST follow year round and especially while traveling.

Like what you just learned?  Then youll LOVE my book because its packed full of all the secrets to nutrition, mindset, training, and lifestyle.  You can get it here

Share this!  Theres lots of people going on vacation soon! 

Thank you for reading.  Thank you for sharing.

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