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Lets be real, losing weight, getting toned, getting ripped is all about science.  Its all about Melting the nasty fat covering your muscles.  Doing the Right Workouts and Eating the Right foods.  But we have a world full of cry babies.  We have a world full of of WEAK panzy ass people who want to play victim and act like its their BODY not responding.

So as always Im going to be REAL, Tell you the TRUE reasons why You're Not losing weight, not getting toned, not getting ripped like you want to be.  These are in no specific order

#1 You're a Closet Piggy.  Lets be real, Fat doesnt appear out of thin air.  You dont inhale oxygen and your ass explodes with cellulite.  Fat Only comes from OVERCONSUMPTION of food/Calories.  Most people who are trying to lose weight always try to ACT like they are doing everything perfect around their peers, they are saying no to certain foods, working out but just still arent losing weight.  Then complain that "I just cant lose weight".  But the REAL reason is because as soon as the door closes and noone is around they are STUFFING THEIR FN FACE with junk!   You cant lose weight because you're stuffing your face with bread, fast food, Cupcakes and cookies!  You cant lose weight because you're sneaking to the fast food joint for lunch.  You know who you are!  You're a Closet Piggy!  And you're not fooling anyone, people dont believe your BS story, WE KNOW you're a LIAR and in Denial.  It takes alot of Calories to maintain being fat, and even MORE to gain it.  So stop lying to yourself and the world its not making you Leaner.  So cut out the shit or stay fat and dont complain.  Learn to be more disciplined.

#2 You're in denial.  Along with the first reason I just explained, you're in denial about how AWFUL you really eat.  You think "Im doing better.  Its not that bad. One bite didnt hurt".  Well by the muffin top staring you in the mirror it obviously ISNT good enough, It IS that bad and Those multiple bites ARE hurting you.  You eat way worse than you think you do.  If you actually tracked what you ate in a food journal or on the MyFitnessPal app you would see just how bad.  You forgot about that box of doughnuts you had in the breakroom yesterday, or that pizza you just woofed down for lunch.  You're in denial.  Your Fat is YOUR FAULT.  Noone elses but yours.  And if you ever expect to get the Hot, Sexy, Fit body like the models/celebs you idolize, this denial and lack of personal responsibility has to STOP.  Get it together Sucka!

#3 You're not portioning.  It doesnt matter if you're eating Froot loops or Brown rice, if you eat too much, more than your body is going to utilize its getting stored as fat.  If you're not measuring your portions, you're either going to be undereating or overeating(most likely) and both of these will Stall or prevent any results.  If you dont know how many Calories you're eating how do you know whether youre eating too much or not enough?  If you dont know how many grams of carbs, protein, fats you're eating how are you going to know what to adjust?  You NEED to know these #s.  You need to know HOW MUCH Fuel you're putting in your body and WHAT kind.  So Stop being a Lazy ass and weigh/measure your food.  It only takes a few seconds.

#4 You're not tracking.  In order to know the numbers i just spoke of above you need to track your food intake.  Tracking your food is very important and crucial to your success.  Studies have proven that people who track their food are 2x more successful than those who dont.  TWO TIMES!  Thats like losing 10lbs instead of 5, losing 20lbs instead of 10.  Wouldnt you like to double your results??!  Then stop being lazy and track your food!  Use the MyFitnessPal app or use ol pen and paper.

#5 You're not learning food.  Nutrition is a LIFE skill that needs to be mastered.  Dont rely on the premade, prepackaged, man made, deliver to your door BS.  To get the body and KEEP the body you HAVE to know how to cook, how to measure, how to feed yourself day in and day out.  Learn Food. Learn nutrition.  You should know off the top of your head how many calories 6 oz of salmon or 1/2 quinoa is.  You should know how to make your food more enjoyable by using herbs, spices, peppers, lemon etc.  Learn how to EAT.  Its the most important LIFE skill you need on a daily basis.  And you need to TEACH your Family/kids how to do this too.  So LEARN!

#6 You're being a wuss in your workouts.  Your body is ONLY going to change if you give it a reason to, and that means only if you bust its ass and force it to change.  You should seriously be sore in some form 24/7.  So put down your Fn Barbie weights and high rep BS and start actually challenging yourself.  I see you in the gym, most of you spending more time watching tv or talking or on your phone then actually working on improving your body.  Wear all black, and go in with a mission to bust your ass because its gonna be a Funeral for your FAT!   Stop fn around and DO WORK.

#7 You're wasting your time doing lame ass cardio.  Cardio is not how you get toned.  Cardio is not going to make you fit.  Dont believe me?  Go into your gym tonight and look at where all the fat people are, they are on the CARDIO.   Steady state cardio is reducing your metabolism, making you lose lean muscle,  raising your cortisol levels, aging you faster and wasting your time.  If you look around All the fit people are lifting weights!  The order of importance is Not Cardio, Weights, Diet like everyone thinks it is.  Its actually the EXACT opposite, Diet is #1, Weights are #2 and Cardio is LAST.  So why the Fuck are you wasting your time on something that is the LEAST important??!  Im gonna slap you!  Put down the Fn cookies and pickup some heavy ass dumbells/freeweights!  Stop doing boring ass cardio.  You only need short Insane HIIT cardio workouts.  Google it if you dont know what HIIT is.

#8 You're dehydrated.  The majority of your bodies functions including burning fat, NEED adequate amounts of water DAILY.  Most people are chronically dehydrated and dont even know it.  how do you know if you're dehydrated?  Simple, how often do you pee and what color is it?  If you're not pissing every 20mins at the latest and its not Clear/almost clear you're dehydrated.  Even being a couple % dehydrated completely shuts down your bodies ability to perform at is best and slows all functions of the body.   Yes, its as simple as slurping down some Fn H20.  The more you drink the better you feel, the better you perform, the better you flush toxins, the better you burn fat.   Drink at least 1 ounce for every lb of bodyweight.  so if you weigh 128lbs, drink at least 1 gallon of water a DAY.  Yes bitch, I said a DAY.  Drink!

#9 You're stressed out.  Today is full of high stress situations, work, kids, relationships etc.  And most of you use FOOD as your savior, your stress relief.  Which is WHY you're fat.  Know this, you are NOT going to find the answer to your stress though a plate of food.  If anything its only going to ADD to your stress because junk food is going to make you fat, give you brain fog, make you lethargic, make you moody and you're going to be disgusted when you look in the mirror.  Does that sound like its helping your stress?  I think not.  The BEST way to eliminate stress is WORKING out.  Working out Intensely creates the bodies own Morphine also known as Endorphins.  Working out literally makes you high.  Now doesnt that sound like a better option for stress?  I think so.  And it will help blast off your disgusting muffin top.  That sounds like a win- win to me.  So instead of drowning your stress in icecream, lace up your damn shoes and get your wobbly ass in the gym and lift some heavy weights.  Lace up your shoes and go run some hill sprints.  Use Fitness as your Stress relief.

#10 You have too much baggage.  Look if you're overweight, more than 20lbs overweight this isnt only because you're lazy and have a lack of self discipline.  I mean, it is, but theres a deeper issue.  When you're carrying a lot of fat and tend to always run to food for emotional relief thats your sign you have serious deep seeded issues.  Usually stemming from childhood or past relationships.  Your dad left you.  Your mom verbally abused you.  Your uncle sexually abused you.  You were picked on in school.  Your ex cheated.  etc.

You see, in order for our mind to fully process emotions it needs to go through up to 6 phases before it can let it go and move on.  YOU are probably still stuck in phases 1 or 2.  These issues although you may not feel them consciously are still lingering subconsciously and anytime you have any lil stressors in life you get overwhelmed and look for instant gratification which usually leads to foods high in Sugar/Flour.  The reason you run to these foods is because they actually have an addictive component and create a release of Dopamine in your brain just like Herione and Cocaine.   Yes, you're just like a drug addict except you use food as your high instead of dope.

But as you can see once again, you are NOT going to find the answer to your emotional issues through a plate of food.  Its only going to increase them because you're going to be even more upset and depressed because you're getting fatter.  Does that sound like your behavior is helping?  I think not!

So whats the answer?  You need to suck it up and stop avoiding the Elephant shitting in your living room.  You need to work on your INNER you and DEAL with these issues.  Otherwise you will be harboring these feelings until you die, and you will die young because this emotional stress is killing your health and setting you up for Cancer and Heart Disease.  And thats not even talking about the years you're pissing away living in a body that is fat and disgusting and keeping you from living the life you really want to be living.  So what sounds easier, taking some time to deal with your issues?  Or staying an emotional eater, fat, overweight, insecure, stressed out, and not living the high quality of life you REALLY want to be living?  I think any smart person will agree that dealing with the past is the easiest and best solution.

So how do you deal with the past?

Well its actually a lot EASIER than you think, it just takes a Pen, Paper, and privacy.  All you need to do is get these emotions OUT of your head, onto some paper and go through each one thoroughly.  There are actually 6 phases but im just going to tell you the first two because these are the most important that need to be released.  Anger and Pain.  And its as simple as this...

"It hurt me when...."  You fill in the blanks and write EVERY single thing that this person has done that has hurt you.  It may be 5 things or it may be 50.  The key is to keep writing until you cannot write anymore on this subject.  Even if it doesnt seem like a big deal write it.

"I am angry that....."  You fill in the blanks and write this for EVERY single thing you are angry about to the person who pissed you off.  It may be 10 things, or it may be 100

I actually have all 6 phases so for those that really need it, just email me and I will send it to you.  But you must first complete these two.

#11 Youre overdoing it.  Yes we all know that having Refeed Meals/Cheat meals are a necessary component to getting Lean.  But if you're doing it great mon-friday and showing up the same or even fatter on monday, thats your sign you're OVERDOING it.  That means you are eating WAY too much junk food and/or drinking too much alcohol.  Whats the point in busting your ass all week then blowing your results on the weekends.  Thats like running a race at record speed then stopping 100m from the finish line then turning and running the opposite way.  Sounds pretty stupid huh?  Thats exactly how stupid it is for you to be sabotaging all your hard work during the week on your binging weekends.  So instead of being an ignorant person and spinning your results tires in the mud, treat your weekend like a weekday.  Have your ONE refeed meal at a specified day and time and thats it!  You still need to prepare and measure your foods.  You still need to pack them with you for when you are going places.  Do NOT eat out more than 1x per week.  Even eating good choices at restaurants still have toxic, fat storing ingredients in them.  They are still going to disturb your hormonal balance and slow your results.  So be disciplined.  1x per week MAX.

If youre going to socialize follow the rule "If you're going to Eat dont drink.  If you're going to drink dont eat"  That means if you wanna have drinks then no eating junk for you.  Just eat some form of Lean Protein and Veggies and when you drink have straight shots or wine.  If you're going to Eat/have Cheat meal, no drinks for you.  No excuses.  You cant have both and get away with it.

So treat the weekends with respect, they take MORE discipline than the weekdays.  Think about it Friday -sunday is 42% of your week, if you lose control on those days thats almost half your week pissed away.  And its A LOT harder and take A LOT longer to burn fat and fix the damage then it is to just be disciplined and say no.  A bad weekend can set you back WEEKS.

So to be Fit, you must live like a Fit person lives.  Keep living like a fatty and youll continue to be one.  Fit dont spend their weekends binging on food and alcohol, they are still busting their asses in the gym and eating strategically.

So Do your weekends RIGHT.

So there you go, the REAL top 11 reasons why you're not losing weight.  Now if you look again at the top reasons what do you see is the common similarity?  Its mostly all DIET related.

You see I've been doing this almost 10 years, and one thing is common among 99.99% of people, they ALWAYS play Victim and Lack taking personal responsiblity for their failures and circumstances.  They want to point blame for their awful bodies by blaming having Kids, Im big boned, Its not in my family to be fit, Their Thyroid, Their parents were fat, They are too busy, Its the air, its the water, blah, blah blah.  Well guess what?  Your lame excuses arent making you Less Fat!  Your Excuses arent even Valid!

Here is the truth, you have one or a few of the reasons I listed above(11 real reasons), and you arent accepting personal responsibility.  It IS your fault.  Fat doesnt come from Breathing, it doesnt come from thin air, Fat doesnt come from eating vegetables, Fat comes from YOUR poor nutrition and your PURE laziness.  Laziness to learn, improve, to deal with your past, deal with stress effectively, set goals, cook, workout, plan and pack your meals, to measure portions, to push through the pain and hurt of your workouts.  You and ONLY you are to blame for your current body and your life.  Your past decisions have created your current LIFE.  So if you want a BETTER body and better LIFE, then YOU must take responsibility and DO THE WORK REQUIRED to get it.

There is no easy way.  There are no shortcuts.  Anyone saying 20minute abs, 20 minute but, 6 pack in 6 minutes is a FUCKING Liar.  Those people didnt get those bodies from doing that, they have spent countless days, weeks, months, years working on those bodies.  They have been eating the right foods, busting their asses in the gym day in and day out.  They have made this a LIFESTYLE, just as normal as waking up and brushing your teeth.  It is WHO they are.

So if you want to look and feel like these people feel, you must Do, Act, Behave, Eat, Train like these people do.  If it were easy EVERYONE would be in shape.  Its not easy, but is sure as fuck is worth it!

So if you want the body, you want to look HOT, you want to TURN heads, You want your partner to be staring at YOU,  you want to have tons of Energy, you want to feel Happy and Good, You want to Feel Confident and Secure with yourself, You want to look awesome in clothes, swimsuits and Naked, then YOU MUST DO THE WORK REQUIRED TO ACHIEVE IT.

Believe in the Process. Believe in Yourself.  Millions have done it before you and millions more will continue to.  You are in control.  Be the Victor not the victim.

Thank you for reading another one of my Bitch Slap Tough love posts.

If you need help with anything I have mentioned above dont hesitate to ask you can email me at

If you're in OC and serious about feeling good about the person staring at you in the mirror, come see us

If you are outside of the area and you want to learn How to Eat Clean and Learn HOW to workout and get a weekly updated workout plan each week that will make you melt fat, and tighten and tone your body join our new membership site its only $10mo(thats like .33 cents a day, and it will change your life)

You can also follow us on Facebook where we post informational/inspirational things daily

And you can follow me on facebook where Im always Bitch Slapping the truth and science

Thanks again!

Mr Aesthetically Obsessed

Daymond Sewall

Owner Aesthetic Obsession and Phenomenal Fitnesss in OC, california
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Gonna be real here so if you're soft DONT read this....If you cant take hearing the truth, then click your back button.  Im about to slap your face with the truth, so if you're weak stop reading now.  There is no arguing, the truth is the truth and it sometimes stings.

But sometimes it takes a harsh slap in the face for MOST people to open their eyes and SEE.








I'm a fitness business owner and I specialize in getting people Toned/ripped/weight loss. But one of my biggest passions is educating people about nutrition and its effects on the body and disease, and sometimes slapping them in the face so they WTFU.

My intent is not to talk down to you, it's tough love to wake you up, to open your eyes. stop playing the victim and take control.

One of the things I've noticed in America is that ALOT of you are very overweight. And the ones that aren't really overweight in a scale sense, have super high bodyfat levels.  Meaning just because your scale weight isnt high, doesnt mean you're safe,  your BODYFAT levels are still high.  You could be average looking but obese from clinical standards.  I see it ALL the time.

I've also noticed the the great majority of people like to play the "Victim"  Like they are not in control, like they are a victim to bad genes or bad circumstances.

But the FACT is you are not the Victim, YOU ARE THE CAUSE.  Thats right, YOU not your genes, not your circumstances, just YOU.  You control how you REACT to circumstances, you control the foods you eat and how you invest your time.

One thing you ALL need to understand is EVERYTHING that's WRONG with your body, your health, your confidence, self esteem, etc, is ALL DIET related.

If you have diabetes, you eat like crap. You over consume processed/Refined carbs that's spiking your blood sugar and insulin.  To the point that you have damaged your body and your body started to resist insulin and you become diabetic. Thats Diet related.

If you have high blood pressure, your diet sucks and you're super lazy. Diet related.

If you have High Cholesterol, your diet sucks and you're super lazy.  High cholesterol actually isnt coming fromt he cholesterol in your foods either.  bet you didnt know that huh?  Its actually MANUFACTURED by your BODY as a Bandaid to repair the DAMAGE your diet is doing to your arteries.  The damage being done by overeating foods that spike your blood sugar and create inflammtion which comes Mainly from Refined/Processed foods.   Not from the Cholesterol in foods, if you think this you are wrong, if your doctor thinks this FIRE them, thats the OLD school theory.  The REAL cause is The bread, pasta, soda, candy, donuts, fast food, restaurant food, the Sugar or creamer you put in your coffee, icecream etc.   Cholesterol DIET related.

Watch this vid from DOCTOR Glidden to learn more

Heres another article from a Cardiac Surgeon of over 25 years admitting they have been wrong all along

If you cannot see the lines in your arms, legs, stomach or abs(guys), your bodyfat is TOO high.  You already have abs, muscles, the lines in the arms, legs and stomach,  EVERYONE does, you just cant see it because its covered by a layer of FAT.  You're actually SUPPOSED to be Lean and Toned.  (80-100 years ago the avg woman weighed like 115-120lbs MAX, Guys weighed on avg 150lbs) But through your POOR diet and sedentary lifestyle you gained fat covering up all that muscle tone/lines.  Excess Bodyfat ONLY comes from OVER CONSUMING of Food/calories, its NOT GENETIC.  If your parents are fat and you are fat its NOT because they passed the Fat genes on to you, its because you adopted the SAME awful eating habits THEY HAVE and you too got FAT. Its from OVER CONSUMPTION.  So your bodyfat is Diet related.

Even cancer has been proven to be a DIET related disease.  I know the whole world wants to play victim to this one, we have all lost loved ones to this disease.  But the FACT is this is a LIFESTYLE caused disease and it stems from primarily our DIET.   How? Cancer ONLY grows in an Acidic Environment, whats the biggest contributing factor to acidity?  DIET.  The same foods making you fat are also creating an Acidic environment which is optimal for cancer growth.   Also being NUTRIENT deficient makes your body break(disease), if it is not getting the adequate amount of Vitamins/minerals DAILY it cannot Function/prevent/heal itself.  What causes nutrient deficiencies?  DIET.  Not eating the right foods to replenish and eating the WRONG ones that Deplete the body of these nutrients.  Cancer is also FUELED by sugar(all carbs/flour break down into sugar in the system).  What do most Americans LIVE off of?   Processed CARBS/Sugar!!!  Those foods are what Cancer FEEDS off of to GROW.

Dont want to create an environment for cancer growth?  Dont want it to grow/spread?  then DONT feed it!  Dont put your body in an acidic state!   Dont let your body become depleted of vital nutrients.  Stop eating JUNK/Sugar/Processed/refined crap!  And start eating WHOLE healthy foods like VEGGIES.  Juice Veggies for the fastest way to replenish.


We have ALL lost loved ones to this disease, including myself, thats what sparked my research and passion to share all the latest science and studies with you.  So you can keep trying to Play the Victim, keep crying and complaining and live in denial that Cancer is caused by our lifestyles/Nutrition, but the fact is its been Scientifically PROVEN.  Science is Science.   Deny all you want, the PROOF is PROOF.  I know you dont want to believe its that simple, I know you want to feel like your loved one was a victim.  And its ok to feel that we NONE of us KNEW this just a few years ago.  This is all NEW information.  Thats why Im slapping your face so you see it NOW!   So either you Learn, Improve and apply or you can risk developing this disease too.

Here is a paragraph from the CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention  "Chronic diseases – such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and arthritis – are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems in the U.S."


Now lets think about that word "Preventable",  what does that mean?  That means WE are in control!  How are we in control?  Because we control what goes in our MOUTHS.   We control whether or not we sit on our ass and watch tv everyday or if we work off our asses in the gym.  But the PRIMARY contributing factor is our DIET.  Cancer, DIET related.

Third world countries with limited Health care are OUTLIVING us, they are NOT getting cancer at the rates we are.   Why is that?  Because their diets are made up of primarily organic produce not the refined/processed crap you're eating daily.

100 years ago in American people ate more natural/organic foods, diets rich in Fruit, Veggies and animal proteins.  They ate less grains, flour, sugar.   Back then the cancer rate was like every 1 in 30(depending on info).  Over the last 100 years our DIETS have gotten awful, full of fake/refined/processed/chemically laden food, we have fast food and restaurants serving crap EVERYWHERE.  People are lazy and dont know how to cook so go out to eat instead of make their own foods.  Their homes are full of foods that are highly processed and have 10-50+ ingredients that are destroying their health.  They are eating foods that are like a slow form of rat poison.  Now the number of people who will get cancer is 1 out of every 2-3 people!  Look to your left, Look to your right, or look in the mirror, one of you is going to DIE of this disease.  Unless you change your lifestyle.

Live in Denial and you will DIE because of it.  Cancer is DIET related.

Your insecurities, Your Low self esteem, Low Self Worth, and hiding behind your clothes and in the dark when naked, are all caused because of what you PUT in your mouth. You aren't happy with what you see in the mirror and in photos and it's all because of the poor food choices you have been making.  Your poor food choices have made you lethargic, unhealthy and FAT!   So Insecurities, Low confidence levels, file under Diet related.

Your low energy levels, brain fog, moodiness.  Everytime you open your mouth to stick a fork in it creates a chemical reaction in your body.  It turns on genes, turns off genes, it releases certain hormones, inhibits some, it affects your blood sugar levels, it either supplies nutrients or STRIPS nutrients from your body.  Every meal is either making you MORE energetic and Healthy or its destroying your health and making you lethargic, slow, clouding your thinking and lazy.  Energy and your Mental focus, All diet related.

Your bad skin, acne, eczema, psoriasis, frequent sickness, digestive issues, bloating and the majority of all problems with your body come from primarily a jacked up digestive tract.  80% of your immune system is in your GUT.  When you're diet sucks, you're damaging your gut and food and bad bacteria leak into your blood stream causing inflammation which shows up in many different ways.  This is known as Leaky Gut.  Gluten/Sugar being the top culprits of this.  Skin disorders,  DIET related.

Your skin is the LAST organ to receive nutrients.  So if you're aging badly and quickly, wrinkling prematurely, thats a sign your body is severely depleted of minerals/nutrients.  Which means internally your organs/body is depleted as well.  Ever notice how people that juice have great skin?  (Thats because they get TONS of essential nutrients to the cells in daily).   Wrinkles, DIET related.

Your high bodyfat levels are a sign that you're abusing your body nutritionally. Your over fed but undernourished.  You're eating WAAAY too many calories from bad foods, that have little to NO nutritional value.  When your body is nutrient deficient is can also spike cravings because its starving for nourishment.  Bodyfat, Diet related.

Your family members who have died from Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, ALL had poor nutritional choices accumulated over time that literally KILLED them.  I know you dont want to belive it,  most of you panzies think that we are Victims to these diseases but science has proven these are ALL DIET related diseases.  And happen to be the top Killers in America.  You dont need to worry about dying in a car accident, getting shot, getting blown up, getting stabbed,  you're already dying.  You're killing yourself with the food you keep stuffing in your face.  This is called "Suicide by food".  Chronic Disease Death, diet related.

Now just because you have these diseases in your family does NOT mean you're destined to as well.  These are NOT hereditary!

These diseases are 100% preventable and they are ALL CURABLE/REVERSIBLE.

Now if you EAT poorly and you're lazy just like your family members are/were, you too will get fat/fatter, develop one or more of these diseases and die.  Your body can only take so much abuse before it breaks.  Just like a car that needs an alignment,  your wheels are getting damaged DAILY and before long the tire is going to POP.   You may be lucky enough that its a small one and you can pull over and change the tire, then go to the shop to get your alignment fixed(diet).  But some of you WONT be that lucky, your tire is going to EXPLODE sending your crashing into a pole and catching on fire(death).  It all depends on HOW much you've been abusing.

But if YOU break the cycle and learn how to EAT the right way, how the body was designed to eat, giving it the micronutrients and macronutrients it needs on a DAILY basis, and you're Active, you will Break the cycle.  You WONT become just like your Mom/Dad/Grandparents.  You wont develop these diseases.

You will be Leaner, happier, healthier, and prevent chronic diseases.

But if you drive down the same road as your family members you're going to end up at the same cemetery.  Every bite you take is either digging your hole, or will have smiling skipping you through the park.

Now understand this, MOST of you that are heavy/obese/ aren't this way just because you're purely lazy and making bad choices.  Sure thats part of the reason, but You have DEEP seeded emotional issues you need to deal with. Usually stemming from childhood.  Parents that neglected you, abused you, abandoned you.  Or maybe you were just not taught the most important Life Skill, How To Eat Right, and you were the fat kid that always got picked on.  Whatever your issue is, You're using food for comfort/instant gratification/stress relief.

Hows that behavior working for ya?

As you can see ITS NOT,  it's this action that's making you FATTER and literally ruining your life even MORE.  Thats kinda like Shooting yourself in the foot, over and over and over again.  Insanity?  I think so.


You're hurt, angry, upset and using food to deal with those feelings you're hanging onto subconsciously, but EATING isnt going to CURE it.  Stuffing your face like ms piggy isnt going to fix the fact your Dad was never around.  Its not going to fix the fact your husband cheated on you.  Its not going to fix the fact you were abused by your uncle.

The ONLY way you are going to FIX this issue is to DEAL with it.

You need to DEAL with the emotion/problem/issue because it will stay with you subconsciously FOREVER until you do.  You will be an emotional WRECK for the rest of your short life(cuz you're gonna die quickly eating the shitty foods you eat daily), unless you DEAL with your past.

Now lucky for you I have the process you can do at HOME on your own time to get this ball rolling.  Just read this and DO it.

Sick People.

For those of you with disease already, you DONT need drugs.  Drugs are NOT going to cure you, they ONLY manage your symptoms.  To get rid of your disease You need to change your DIET/LIFESTYLE.

As you have been reading DIET is the number one contributer and cause of disease.  You dont have a Statin Deficiency, you dont have a Metaform deficiency,  you have a Shitty lifestyle, poor eating habits and you're sedentary.  Doctors have ZERO to a very limited education in nutrition.  They honestly know NOTHING about nutrition.  As matter of fact the typical Doctor STILL tells their patients to eat Wheat.  Well if you have been staying up with the latest information, Wheat is actually Toxic and one of the MAIN contributers to these Diseases.  So dont take nutrition advice from your doctor.  All they know how to do is write prescriptions and do surgery.  And thats how the Pharmaceutical companies like it.  Thats why the groom them starting in school.

Plus Doctors can't make a living telling you to Eat Clean, workout and Juice vegetables.  They make their money for their Big homes, fancy cars by doctors visits, surgery, prescribing drugs, chemo etc.  They would be broke if you were healthy and didnt have to come see them because you were eating healthy and working out.

Keep in mind/remember these drugs they prescribe are also drugs you would have to take for LIFE because it doesn't cure, it just manages symptoms. But you will STILL DIE from these diseases.

Wanna see the proof?

Lets look at the facts.....last year we spent $2.7 trillion on healthcare. The MOST in the WORLD, yet we are still ranked somewhere around 50-51st in life expectancy.  Over 50th in the WORLD!  And we are supposed to be the most developed and one of the wealthiest nations??!!

In 2012 1.5 million people DIED from DIET related diseases like cancer(572,000), heart disease(About 600,000), diabetes(25,800,000 diagnosed.  another 7 million have it but undiagnosed), stroke kills 130,000 year but 795,000 people have a stroke each year. Just last year!   These are all Preventable!  Diet Caused Diseases.

ALL people on those Death stats were USING those drugs, getting chemo, and using the typical conventional medicine route.   Does it look like Drugs work????!!!!  F NO!!!

Im telling you Drugs arent the Answer!  A pill is not going to improve or save you.

Last year there were some that survived. Some reversed their disease. Some didn't make it on that list.  Some that survived their Cancer.  Some that reversed their diabetes.  Some that reversed their Heart Disease.  ALL Without drugs/chemo.  How is that???

Because those are the ones that changed their lifestyle! They started eating HEALTHY. They started working out! Some started juicing(fastest, best way to get the nutrients to your cells). They started living and treating their bodies BETTER.  They started making THEMSELVES a priority.  They started making better food choices, saying no to the process/refined junk.  They started getting active and moving their bodies.  They started treating their bodies better and guess what?  Their body started to HEAL!

Your body can heal itself! But only if you give it the essential nutrients it needs to fight the disease.  It needs essential vitamins/minerals DAILY to function properly.  It needs these to have a strong immune system.  It needs these to get your body working like its designed to work.  It needs these for Energy, repair of hair, nails, skin, muscles, bones and health.

Id HIGHLY recommend watching the movies on Netflix "Food Matters"  and "Hungry For Change".  Also online you can find another awesome one on cancer called "The Cure Is.."

So what does all this info mean?

It  means The ANSWER to ALL your health, body issues, insecurities , weight problem, disgust you see in the mirror is All CURED in your kitchen.  Your kitchen is your natural Pharmacy.  Your kitchen is where Beauty begins.  Your abs are made IN THE KITCHEN.  Your Toned Body is Made in the Kitchen.  Your Health is made in the Kitchen. Your kitchen is what is going to develop confidence, self esteem, self worth, quality of life, sexiness, a great sex life, and pleasure when you look in the mirror and see yourself in pictures.

"Food is for Fuel, NOT pleasure"

"Stop rewarding yourself with food, you're NOT a dog"

"You can LIVE in the gym, but if you're not eating clean, you're wasting your time."

"Nutrition is where 80% of your results are going to come from"

Stop looking for food as pleasure and start seeing it as fuel. See it as a tool used to get you fit.  It is the answer to all your bodies problems.  See your relationship with food as a business transaction to get the life you want.  Reward your body with the foods is is DESIGNED to eat, and it will reward you with happiness, energy, great sex, good skin, great hair, strong bones, beautiful muscles and a smile that you cant wipe away.

You are NOT a victim of bad genes. You are the CAUSE of your current state.  Everything you have RIGHT now is the result of your past and current actions.  In other words its ALL YOUR FAULT.  Even the outcome of tragedies is YOUR fault.  You choose how you react to them which creates your RESULTS.

Once you accept that YOU are in control, and that YOU create your Body, Life and Future, you will be EMPOWERED.  Then you can CREATE what you DO want.

Bodyfat doesn't appear out of thin air, it only has one entry and that's your mouth.  YOU control the way it looks, feels, and performs.  Put good foods in your mouth and your bodyfat will disappear.

Want to lose the fat? Then stop putting foods that make you fat in your mouth.

Cuz if you keep eating like a pig, you're gonna keep looking like one.

You only get one body and it's care and maintenance needs to be your number 1 priority.

It begins with food.

It begins in your kitchen. That's the foundation of a gorgeous home youd like to build.  Its like the roots of the beautiful flowers you want to grow.

So here's the #1 Golden Rule of improving your body Aesthetically and its Health.

NEVER keep junk in your home. EVER. If its in your home you will binge on it, you will eat it.   These foods are DESIGNED by the food companies to be ADDICTIVE, so you love them, crave them and buy more.  But eating these foods is like swallowing a bottle of pills, it's suicide. Suicide for your confidence, self esteem and life.

If it came from a factory, box, bag, was man made and has more than 1 ingredient it's poison to your body. Don't eat it.

These foods include sweets, sugar, candy, soda, breads, muffins, cereals, pasta, frozen dinners, and ALL foods that come in pretty packaging that are Man Made.


Step #2 ONLY keep good foods in your home.

What are good foods? Good question, it's simple.

Good foods are those with 1 ingredient. Foods made by nature.

If it came from a plant, tree, ocean, or had a mom, you can eat it. It's good for you.  These foods are what our bodies have been designed to eat.  They provide the nutrients, vitamins, minerals our bodies need to function properly.

Good foods are colorful Veggies, fruit, wild caught fish, Grassfed beef, nuts, seeds etc.

Fill your fridge and counter with foods like this!


Along with some good animal protein


When shopping, Rule is stay on the outside of the grocery store. The isles are where the processed junk is.

Remember Your body is in your control. Being fat is a choice. Being sick is the result of those choices. But being Fit and Healthy is also a choice.

Here is a quick 11 Secret steps to get you Fit

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