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"Master this ONE thing, and you will live shredded!"

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Master This One Thing and You’ll Live Shredded


What’s up, Shredders?

Okay, today’s topic we are going to talk about the one thing that you need to do DAILY to live shredded.

What is that one thing? And the reason why I say it’s the one thing is because it’s literally the root and the base of everything that you need to succeed. Everything that you need revolves around this one thing, and if you do this one thing every damn day, seven days a week, you will look and you will feel in-fucking-credible year-round.

I want to cover this ONE thing, and the reason why this is so important because the only way you are ever going to get shredded and stay shredded is by doing this one thing. If you never get anything else from anything else that I ever teach you, if you never listen to anything I say on my videos, my radio show(ShredCast) this is the one thing that I strongly enforce and encourage – you just have to do this. You have to – there is no other way. If you do this one thing like you’re supposed to, you will get what you want. You will get shredded, you will stay shredded, you will live shredded, and you will have confidence year-round. You will look good year-round, but you’ve got to do this one thing, all right?

So, are you ready to find out what that one thing is? Do you want to know what this one thing is? I’m sure you’ve got a lot of thoughts running through your mind right now, so what is that one thing that Daymond says you have to do every day? What is it? I’m sure you’re wracking your brain, right? Some of you may even have the answer but here it is.

It’s real simple: hit your macros. Hit your fucking macros every day!

What does that mean? That means every damn day, you have to weigh your portions and track your intake every day, seven days a week, obsessively. You do that and you get what you want. That’s all you’ve got to do, because here’s the facts, man. Even if your workouts suck, even if you are a little bitch in the gym and your workouts are terrible, if your macros are dialed-in and your calories are on point, guess what? You’re still going to get shredded.

Now, if your workouts suck, is it going to be as fast as it could be?  No.  If your workouts are really shitty and you’re working out like a little bitch, obviously your results are going to come slower but you’re still going to get it. It’s just going to take a little bit longer. That’s why this is so crucial because this is the one thing that is going to get you shredded and allow you to stay shredded. The key is to hit your macros every damn day, seven days a week, baby! You need to say that to yourself every day: "macros on point, every damn day." That should be one of your goals that you write down every day.

Know this, okay? Let me cover some things real fast while we’re on this topic. For those of you who may be new to this podcast nor not familiar with the way that I teach things and the things that I say, you have to count and track everything. That means you have to weigh your portions and track everything, and you should be tracking it on MyFitnessPal. That’s an app on your smartphone. If you’re one of these fuckers that have a fucking dinosaur phone, it’s time to invest in a damn smartphone and upgrade, all right? Stop being a dinosaur and get a damn smartphone and get your MyFitnessPal. And even if you don’t have that, you can log into it online at, but you have to track your food, okay?

UnderArmor spent $475 Million for MyFitnessPal and bought it two years ago. If they think it’s that badass that they spent $475 Million for it, you should be using it, okay? This is what all my clients use and it’s what I tell everybody to use. It’s the app that I tell everybody in my book, it’s what I use on a daily basis: MyFitnessPal. Get it and start tracking your food. Make sure that you are weighing and tracking everything.

I hear it all the time: “Do I need to count?” Yes, bitch – count it. The only thing that doesn’t count is water because it has zero calories. But you should still be tracking how much you are drinking and getting adequate amounts DAILY.  Thats a whole other article, but you should be drinking 1-3+ gallons per day. At least 1oz per lb of body weight.  Personally I drink 3-4 gallons per day. The only other thing that I actually say that doesn’t count is leafy greens, like kale, lettuce, spinach, and things like that. The leafy stuff, you don’t have to count that. Water, you don’t have to count that, obviously because there’s no calories in water. But everything else, count it. When in doubt, count it. You need to be on track and keep your calories and macros in check.

Now, here’s another little topic that I want to cover when it comes to this. Whenever you guys are tracking food, I’m going to give you a couple of little tips here. When you are tracking your food, do not use measuring cups and do not use measuring spoons, because I have found you fuckers tend to do heaping cups, heaping tablespoons, which means you’re getting anywhere from 10-50% more than you should be, which means your calories are actually way over where they should be. So know that you should be weighing your portions in grams and ounces, one or the other.

I recommend that you weigh your proteins in ounces and then weigh your fats and carbs in grams. To give you a quick little overview of what the different macros are, your proteins are like your animal sources such as chicken, beef, pork, eggs, turkey, fish, and things like that. Those are protein macros, okay? Now fat macros would be oils, nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut oil, and things like that.

For carbs, most of you don’t understand this or know it, but vegetables are carbs, as are fruit. Yes, fruit is carbs as is quinoa, which most fucking vegans have been trying to sell you that it’s protein. No, bitch – quinoa is carbs. It has like three to five time more carbs in it than it does protein, which means that shit is a fucking carb. It’s the same thing with brown rice, beans, and whatever else these vegans try and sell. But anyway, those are carbs. I’ve pretty much named the majority of them.

The one thing you’ve got to do is get your macros on point, seven days a week. While we’re on this subject, I’m going to give you a quick little tip here: your protein sources should always be accounted for and weighed raw, not cooked. What happens is when you cook the source, it’s going to lose anywhere from on average 25-50% of its weight. So if you’re measuring it after it’s cooked, you could be eating 25-50% more. I’ve actually done tests on chicken and have found that my chicken thighs that I have lose 50% of their weight after cooking. That means that if I’m actually weighing it out as 8 ounces cooked, I’m really actually eating 16 ounces worth of chicken. This is why you have to do it raw.

Some sources of carbs you can do cooked while some you can do raw. But for the most part, everything should be done raw. The only thing that I would say you could do cooked would be like quinoa and brown rice. You can do them raw too, but it’s a little more complicated once you cook it up because of the water that it absorbs and everything, so I recommend doing it afterwards. Really, to avoid any complication, just don’t eat fucking quinoa and don’t eat fucking rice. Use fruit, sweet potato, and shit like that for your carbs – and vegetables. That’s the trick.

While we’ll we’re back on our subject, macros on point seven days a week. Your macros have to be dialed-in every single day. You cannot eat mindlessly. You cannot go places and just binge on the food buffet style. You have no fucking clue what you just put in your mouth and 99% of the time – actually, 100% of the time – you’re going to overeat. You are always going to overeat and eat more than you think you did, but especially if you’re eating out at social gatherings or at restaurants. That’s because these foods are very calorie-dense and it’s very easy to overconsume without even blinking an eye. It’s very easy to do.

With that said, and I want to emphasize this, because this is where the average person blows it. Guess where the average person blows all their results? Guess. Do you have a clue where most people completely fuck up their entire week and totally ruin their bodies? Guess. The weekends. The weekends are where everybody ruins all the hard work they did Monday through Friday. They are great all week long, they’ve been packing their meals, they’ve been hitting their macros, they’ve been on track, they’ve been training, and guess what happens? Friday comes around and what do they do? “Oh! Let’s go have dinner and drinks!” And then what do they do on Saturday? “Oh! Let’s go have dinner and drinks!” And what do they do on Sunday? “Let’s go to breakfast! Let’s go do this!”

And then guess what? Monday, they show up looking like shit because they fucking binged all weekend long. When you eat out like I just said a minute ago, you are going to easily overconsume. You start throwing in alcohol and bad choices that you made, you’re eating thousands and thousands of excess calories, storing fat each day from eating out and not being on point on the weekends. This is why I say get your macros on point seven days a week. Eating out should be kept to a minimum, all right?

I’m going to go ahead and give you some tips here for your weekends while we’re on this topic. If you are going to be going to dinner on the weekend, number one, you should be limiting this to one time per week max – preferably one time per month. Even then, it needs to be planned on your high-calorie refeed day and even then, you still need to make smart choices when you go.

Here are some tips:

  1. Eat before you go. So what does that mean by “eat before you go?” Exactly just what I fucking said. Before you go to the restaurant, you need to eat your normal protein and veggie meal. Eat it before you go! Why to do I want you eat before you go, even if you’re going to go eat? Here’s why, okay? Because if you eat before you go, this is going to basically fill your stomach and go ahead and start to release hormones to make you feel fuller. This means when you get to the restaurant – because the restaurants always smell amazing, right? When you get to the restaurant, cravings aren’t going to be triggered from the smells of the food and you’re less likely to make bad choices because you’re already feeling full and you’ve already got the hormones released. You’re already thinking like I really don’t even want to eat anything. That’s rule number one everywhere you go. I don’t care if you’re going to a restaurant, I don’t care if you’re going to a family gathering, I don’t care if you’re going to the beach. Whatever the fuck it is, eat before you go. You have to do this thing and track that shit, okay?
  2. When you go to the restaurant, still order smart. Now, what does that mean to order smart? That means to still order grilled protein and veggies. Keep it fucking plain and keep it simple, all right? The reason is because even that is going to be way more calories than you think it is. It’s going to be 30-50% higher in calories than your MyFitnessPal is going to say. It is going to be way higher calories than you think, so even that is going to get you more calories than you should. When you get there, order smart.
  3. On top of that, this means that when you go to restaurants, what’s the one thing they put in front of you every time you get there? What do they do? They put chips on the table, they put bread on the table, they put stuff on the table as an appetizer to make you hungrier. You are not allowed to touch that shit – ever. Did you hear what I said? EVER. Don’t touch it, because it’s processed, it’s crap, it has terrible ingredients in it, and it’s going to lead to you basically igniting the food addition and bingeing. Don’t touch it. This is one of the reasons why we eat before we go, so that way you’re less likely to touch that too. And you better not fucking touch it or I’m going to smack your hand, okay? So don’t touch the shit they put on the table.

As a matter of fact, if you’re just going out with some close friends, tell the wait staff, “We don’t need any bread. We don’t need any chips.” And if you’re with a big group, just tell them to, “Put it on their end or the other side of the table because I don’t want this in front of me.” You need to be that picky eater that says, “No, I don’t want that.” You need to be the picky eater that says, “What’s in this food? What did you make it with? Can I get this without this? Can I make sure that this is grilled without any oils on it or anything on it?” You need to make sure that you are being that picky person.

If you have planned this to be on your refeed day like normal, let me give you an example of what a perfect day would be if say you were going to celebrate your birthday or celebrate your best friend’s birthday and you’re going to go to dinner. This is how the perfect day would roll out, okay? You would eat like you normally would throughout the day. You’re eating very, very clean all day long. Right before you go to dinner, you go ahead and have your meal. You eat like some steak and broccoli before you go.

Then, you go to the restaurant and when you get there and sit down, you tell the wait staff, “We don’t need any bread. We don’t need any chips, thank you. Can you just bring me some water?” Then when it’s time to order you say, “Can I get some grilled fillet mignon and some asparagus? Thank you.” That’s what you eat. Now, because it’s birthday time, I understand we like to drink sometimes like that and have a good time. I get it because I do the same thing, okay? Sometimes on rare occasions, I get it, but you’ve got to be smart. Macros on point, still tracking this shit, still paying attention to what’s going in your body.

After you order your food and you’re eating your meal, let’s say you’re going to have drinks with your friends. Okay, cool. What do you drink? What should you be drinking so that way you can keep your macros on point? Real simple: the lowest calorie options. What are the lowest calorie options? Straight liquor. So order whiskey on the rocks or vodka on the rocks with a little bit of lime or lemon or straight shots. That’s what you need: the lowest calorie options, because even then, those calories are going to add up over the period of a night.

That’s what you do. You eat before you go, you order smart when you get there, and then when you drink, you order smart drinks. Then once you’re done – and you’re still tracking this – yes, you need to track your fucking alcohol and you need to limit yourself to how much you drink. You should be limiting yourself to maybe say three to five drinks tops, then you’re done. That would be the perfect night if you’re going to be celebrating something.

Then before you go to bed, make sure you drink a good 40 ounces of water. That way, you don’t wake up dehydrated with a hangover. One of the reasons you feel like crap besides the toxins being in your system is because you’re dehydrated. Hydrate before bed and you’ll wake up feeling like a champ. And then you still need to get your ass up early and go train, so being hungover is not an excuse to miss the gym. You train seven days a week, too, okay? That is the one thing that you need to make sure that you do every damn day.

Macros on point, get your weekends dialed-in, and the weekends are truly what separates the good from the great. It’s truly what separates the ripped people from the average fatass. It’s the weekends. You master your weekends, you master your macros over the weekends, you master your physique, and you’ll stay ripped year-round, period. That’s the way it works.

If you want to be ripped, what do you think you need to do? What are you going to commit to doing every damn day? What are you willing to sacrifice to get the body that you want? Think about that, because you are going to have to make sacrifices, whether it be friends, whether it be poor choices that you’re making, foods that you’ve been eating that you know that you shouldn’t, but you have to sacrifice something to get what you want. You aren’t going to get there doing what you want to do; you have to sacrifice. So what are you willing to sacrifice to get what you what to get, to feel confident, or to feel secure? When you look in the mirror, you want to smile and be like, “Damn, I look good! I wish I could fuck myself! Damn, I look good!”

So anyway, I’m going to cover this really quick, too. On top of your macros being on point, understand your macros being on point is 80% of your results right there. Now when it comes to your training, it should be primarily focused around intensely lifting. That means lifting hard, multiple sets (triple sets, supersets, drop sets), multiple exercises per round, limited rest periods, and things like that that get your heartrate up so that way you can burn more calories. On top of that, if you are going to be any form of cardio – which we say, “Cardi-NO,” your ass should never be running on a treadmill, never be on a step mill, never be doing a fucking half-marathon, because we "Cardi-NO". No cardio, okay? We do "Conditioning."

What is Conditioning? Really, it’s a form of high-intensity interval training. You can do this in many, many ways. The simplest way to explain this and it’s something you can do anywhere you go is sprints. Pick a point that’s like 50 to 100 yards apart, sprint down, then walk or jog back. Repeat this 20 or 30 times. That is conditioning. That is the only form of cardio you should be doing, and technically, I don’t even call it cardio. I just call it conditioning.

I just say cardio, because that helps you understand it more in your mind, but technically it’s conditioning in my mind and in my opinion. The only form we do is interval conditioning, and the example is sprints. You can find a little hill somewhere, sprint up, jog down, sprint up, jog down 20 or 30 times, and you’re done. No fucking elipticals, no fucking running on the treadmill, no fucking running half-marathons, no doing step mill, okay?

Macros on point, lift intensely, and then lastly, you do some form of conditioning to accelerate the fat loss process. But your lifting is the primary driver, because that’s what’s going to burn the most. So there’s your tips for today’s Shredcast. Let’s recap: what is the one thing you have to focus on and master each week? What is the one thing? Do you remember? What was my phrase? It was three words: macros on point. We can add a few more words to that: seven days a week. Not five, not four and a half – seven days a week. You get that dialed in, then you get the confidence, the body, and the life you want. You got it?

So remember, macros on point seven days a week, train intensely by lifting, do some conditioning, and BAM, you live shredded, baby. This concludes my Shredder leston for today.

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