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10 Ways To Increase Your Testosterone, NATURALLY!

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Would you like to know what causes low testosterone and how to fix it, NATURALLY? 

Would you like to know why you feel like a lil bitch?

Would you like to learn how to start feeling like a REAL MAN?



Then pay attention! 

This article is designed to teach you guys how to naturally increase your Testosterone levels.  I personally see that there is an epidemic of men with very low testosterone levels and there are many factors as to why, which we will discuss.

 But the real reason I am writing this is to teach you how to do it naturally.  Im so sick of hearing tv commercials, seeing ads talking about “Low T”, promoting testosterone pills, creams or injections.  Im so sick of hearing about doctors trying to prescribe testosterone replacement therapy to their patients.  Unless your balls have been castrated, you DO NOT need to do hormone replacement therapy.  Some of you may feel like you don’t have testicles because your testosterone levels are so low, but Im going to teach you how to fix this. 

You CAN feel like the man you were designed to be and I am going to tell you a few tricks and things you need to do to embrace your MANLINESS.   You just got to give your body what it needs, and truly MTFU(Man The F up)

Know this, having low T puts you at greater risk for disease, fat gain, muscle loss, weakness, low sex drive and just makes you feel like a lil bitch. 

Fortunately, there are reasons WHY this happens and there are a number of ways to improve your T levels naturally.  Which will lead to you feeling more vibrant, more like a masculine man, improve your health, increase your libido, and improve your physique. 

These tips I’m about to give you are completely doable, just lifestyle changes you can start making TODAY that will help you become a BETTER man. 

Before we get started, know that your low T levels are tied to your low quality of life.  Poor nutrition. Poor lifestyle choices.  Have led to a body that is hormonally imbalanced, nutrient deficient, and no longer functioning as designed. 

Most of you attribute low T to your age, which is a factor, but very minimal, IF you are living the lifestyle required to keep your T levels up. 

The ranges when you get tested in general range from 270 to 1070 ng/dl, this is considered the normal range.  I personally think this is way to broad because being at 270 and “Normal” is truly LOW as F! 

So first off lets say F those standards.  I want your testosterone levels as HIGH as possible naturally. 

As a matter of fact these tips I am about to give you, I give to my clients, and I have had clients go from the 200 range to 900 range, and 300 to the 1200 range, NATURALLY!   Just from improving their nutrition, getting the adequate micronutrients, and living the proper lifestyle. 

So lets just say, F hormone replacement therapy.  F drugs.  And if you have doctor that is trying to prescribe it, FIRE his ass! 

This also applies to ANY issue that is wrong with your body, you DO NOT need drugs.  If something is not functioning optimally, if you don’t feel like an energetic teenager, then that is your sign your health is F’d.  All this means is that you are missing something, you are nutrient deficient, and you need to make some nutritional and lifestyle changes.  YOU DO NOT NEED DRUGS! 

Anyway, lets get back to the testosterone tips.    

Want to know a quick Testosterone test?

It’s as simple of thinking about your “Morning wood”

This is a good indicator or your overall health.  Frequent, strong boner, means strong man.  When everything is working properly it’s a good sign of good health.  But your testosterone levels also peak in the morning.  So if you are waking up with frequent wood, then that’s a good sign you’re doing pretty good. 

But if you’re not, that’s your first sign your health is F’d.  It is also a warning sign of a developing heart problem.  Either way, YOU NEED to change and these tips are just for that! 

So lets get to it!

Step #1.  Lose the Fat and get ripped. 


This is number 1 on the list because this is something everyone should be doing anyway.  Higher body fat levels are correlated with lower testosterone levels.  Overweight men are more likely to have low T, and higher estrogen levels.  As a matter of fact, abdominal fat increases the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.  As estrogen increases, so does the accumulation of more abdominal fat and your risk of diseases.  Can you say “bitch tits”? 

Now you know why you’d rather watch “The notebook” instead of hit the gym. 

So one of the keys to increasing T is losing the FAT. 

In my opinion, if you don’t have visible abs, you’re fat.  Even if you are thin, if you don’t have visible abs that means your body fat is too high, aka you’re fat.  You’re known as “skinny fat” but you’re still fat.  

Its time to stop being fat and lose the belly.  Raise your standards and get ripped. 

How do we get ripped?


By following the next 9 steps, you are going to be headed to that ripped body.  So just keep reading.  Just know, your fat is part of your problem, and to raise your T, you need to eliminate it. 

Step #2.  Eliminate refined carbohydrates(processed foods). 


These are the primary foods making you fatter, but along with making you fatter, processed carbs also directly lower your T levels. 

Refined carbs like breakfast cereals, bagels, waffles, pizza, pretzels, bread, pasta, soda, sports drinks, the typical American diet, turns your body into a fat factory.  These foods are basically PURE sugar or convert to pure sugar in your body once ingested.  This spikes blood sugar, insulin and this fat storing factory reduces the testosterone in your body.

The low testosterone and obesity epidemic in the U.S. is directly tied to the over consumption of these processed carbs that Americans eat on a daily basis. 

On average Americans eat around 150lbs of Sugar per year, and around 150lbs of Flour per year.  BOTH turn your body into a Fat Storing machine, and make you want to look for a nice lacy bra for those titties. 

Stop eating like a lil bitch and you’ll stop looking and feeling like one.  Right?  Right!

So to lose the fat, and to lose the excess estrogen, you have to lose the processed carbs. 

Step #3.  Eat Real Food.


  After you eliminate the testosterone lowering processed carbs, you need to fill your diet with REAL nutritious food.  This means foods that came directly from a plant, or foods that had a mom.  In order for your body to lose weight, function, and develop optimal hormonal levels, you have to FEED it what it needs.  This means healthy animal proteins, veggies, nuts, seeds, and a little fruit.

Protein and Veggies should be the staple for EVERY meal.  (Some meals can have added carbs pre or post workout, but the base of each meal is always Protein and veggies.) 

These REAL foods provide the building blocks, some fats, and micronutrients your body needs to develop high testosterone levels. 


Step #4.  Eat more Fat. 


Yes, you heard that correctly.  Fats, good fats, are your best friend when it comes to fat loss and HIGH testosterone levels.  Especially saturated fats, because these are essential for building testosterone. Having a low fat diet will cause your T levels to plummet.  Just another reason why the low fat era ruined Americans.

 In case you’re not up to date, the low fat era was debunked a long time ago.  The low fat revolution is part of the CAUSE of our obesity epidemic, and chronic disease epidemic.  Once this was launched food companies started taking fats out of foods, but that makes them taste like crap, so they started using sugar and flour to make them taste better.  BAMM!  Now we are all fat, sick, and have low T. 

Science has since proven there is NO link between fat, saturated fat intake, cholesterol, and heart disease.  Science has also proven that it’s the refined carbs, processed foods, sugar that are the actual CAUSE of heart disease, obesity and all other degenerative diseases. 

(This is also a RED FLAG if you have a doctor that is still pushing low fat diet, if he is, RUN!  Hes an outdated fool that also is going to probably prescribe you drugs) 

So, with that said, EAT FAT! 

That means coconut oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, olive oil, these types of foods are added to your staple meals of Protein and veggies.

As matter of fact, eat MORE of the protein sources that have higher fat content like fatty fish, and grassfed ground beef, steak, pork, chicken thighs, etc.  The fats and proteins in these foods are the building blocks to incredible testosterone levels. 

Along with increasing your fats, Omega 3s are vital for optimal health so get more fish oil.  Fish oil reduces inflammation(inflammation lowers testosterone) and will also support the production of healthy cholesterol, the ultimate building block for T.  I recommend supplementing about 10g+ per day.  Yes, that means 10+ pills.  Suck it up princess, you need more Test. 

So eat your meats, increase your fats, supplement fish oil! 

I personally recommend that you get at least 40% of your daily calories from healthy fat sources.  I have found that this is ideal for feeling good, performing great, creating high levels of testosterone, and getting a ripped physique(given macros and training are on point). 

Eating more fats, keeps you fuller, so you naturally eat less, which leads to you being leaner. 

Eating fats also provide and excellent energy source so you feel great all day and perform like an animal in training. 

So make sure you GET your Fats! 

#5.  Lift! 


Research has proven time and time again that high intensity weight training stimulate testosterone levels.  In order to feel like a man, look like a man and get ripped like a man, you gotta LIFT like a man. 

So get your prissy ass off of the treadmill, elliptical, step mill and spin bike, and go LIFT.  Steady state cardio, endurance cardio, reduces your testosterone.  When I say lift, I mean compound lifts, ones that require multiple joints and muscles to perform the work.  Lifts like Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Pullups, Lunges, Rows, the REAL lifts.  The more muscle mass you stimulate, the more testosterone you’ll stimulate. 

Free weights have been shown to be more of a test booster than machines.  With that said, you aren’t there to do 1 million reps with your Barbie weights, you are there to LIFT.  That means the majority of your training should consist of Heavy weight, lower rep ranges.  I personally recommend keeping your rep ranges 1-12 reps for your compound lifts, for 4-10 sets per exercise, depending on the type of training you are doing. 

Progressively Overload.  Each week your goal is to progressively overload your muscles, trying to squeeze out another 1-3 reps with the weight you used last time, or increasing the weight, or adding an extra set.  OVERLOAD.  Push your body beyond its limits. 

This is how you get ripped, how you get sexy, and how you increase your Test.   

#6. Get your D!


 Along with having an epidemic of obesity, disease, and low T in the U.S., we have an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency.  This is not only bad for your health, immune system, but it also affects your testosterone.  Getting adequate D has been shown to increase your total testosterone.  The BEST way to get vitamin D is to put your pretty face, and skin under the sun for 15-20 mins a day.  Now if you are pale, a ginger, or look like casper, you may need to work up to that amount of time.  This is ideal, but I understand in some areas the weather does not permit so you have to supplement with some vitamin D3. I would recommend a liquid form. 

Vitamin D is required for optimal testosterone, so get your D!!! 

Just think, the more D you get, the more D you get in the morning. lol 


#7. Zinc.  


  Zinc is an essential mineral that plays a critical role in testosterone production.  Even being mildly deficient has been shown to suppress testosterone production.  Increasing your zinc intake for as little as 6 weeks has been shown to cause great increases in testosterone production.  It is best to get your Zinc from your diet, from foods like grass-fed beef, crab, oysters, pork, nuts but I recommend supplementing it at about 40mg a day.

The only brand that I recommend at this point, is Mega Food brand.  Most supplements found in stores, estimated 95% are synthetic forms of vitamins and minerals and do not work at all, or as effectively as a natural source. 

Get your zinc, take 2 tablets before bed each night. Keep your bottle on your nightstand.    

#8. Magnesium. 


Magnesium is another vital mineral that most people tend to be very deficient in, its responsible for over 300 important biochemical reactions in the body.  From energy production, muscle contractions, digestion, sleep, and of course the production of your hormones.  So by adding this bad ass mineral to your daily routine, you are going to FEEL better, perform better, sleep better, and have higher levels of testosterone. 

Once again, the only brand I recommend is Mega Food Magnesium, and you should take 4-6 tablets each night before bed. 

Just like your Zinc, keep this magic mineral on your night stand. 

I will warn you, you WILL sleep like a baby and you will have INSANE dreams.  Vivid, real feeling, amazing dreams.  But you will wake up refreshed, hopefully with some wood you can hammer a nail with.  Lol. 

So Get your mag! 

#9. Sprint


Like I mentioned earlier, cardio reduces testosterone, but there is another form, a form I refer to as “Conditioning” which actually stimulates your testosterone and that is SPRINTING!  When you sprint you are recruiting the same fast twitch muscle fibers as lifting, and just like lifting, doing some intense sprints will help get you ripped and make your Test increase! 

So instead of being the lame hamster on a wheel, or Barbie on a treadmill, lace up your shoes, walk outside, warmup thoroughly, pick a point 30-100 yards away, and SPRINT!   Walk or jog back, then repeat for a total of 20-30+ times. 

So as you can see the ONLY types of training you should be doing for optimal Testosterone production are Lifting and Sprinting. 

I recommend taking at least 1 day per week and just doing an insane conditioning workout, full of sprints, sleds, parachutes, of all distances.  If you don’t have any of that equipment, just do a few different distances of sprinting. 

If you want faster results add in some sprints after your lifting workouts a few days a week.  Or at another time of the day separate from your lifting. 

Either way, to increase test, increase your INTENSITY and sprint regularly!

#10. Sleep.


 This is something most of you bums get too much of, but there are some of you who are high achievers like me that tend to sacrifice sleep to increase productivity.  So if this is you, and you want to increase your testosterone levels, you need to increase your sleep.  The amount is truly dependant on the person, but studies show anywhere from 7-9 hours is ideal. 

Personally with the high quality of sleep you will get from the magnesium supplementation, the fish oil, the higher fats, the REAL food intake, you can probably get away with less.  But the point is you need adequate amounts to be a high testosterone producer.  I personally get up at 4am 7 days a week, but usually 1-2x per week I will take a nap mid morning to catch up on my sleep.  So naps are definitely an option to increase your zzzz. 

So there you go!  Put these 10 tips to work and I GUARANTEE you your testosterone levels will go through the roof! 

Remember, the only way to get changes in your life, is by changing the way you LIVE your life. 

Nutrition is #1.  Everything you want in life, confidence, health, energy, productivity, motivation, success, all begin by HOW you EAT.  Eat like a champ and you will look, feel, and live a life like a champ. 

Lets recap!

#1.  Get Ripped.

#2. Eliminate Processed foods.  Sugar/flour/man made foods.

#3. Eat. Real. Food.  Eat only foods that came directly from a plant or had a mom.  Protein and veggies are a staple of every meal.

#4. Eat more fat.

#5.  Lift!  Lift heavy, compound moves. 

#6. Get your vitamin D!  Sunshine or supplement D3.

#7. Get your zinc.  Keep bottle by bedside.  Take 2.

#8. Get your magnesium.  Keep bottle by bedside. Take 4-6.

#9. Sprint!  Lace up and go SWEAT!!!

#10.  Sleep.  Get your ZZZZZ. 

“Unless you are living it, you don’t KNOW it.” – Daymond Sewall

Put all of this into practice now! 

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