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6 Steps To Stay Ripped Through The Holidays.

Posted by on in Uncategorized
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The Holiday is coming up, its the day we get together with our loved ones and express our gratitude for their love and presence.  But really we all know its turned into truly just a day of GLUTTONY. lol
 So Im going to give you the tricks on HOW to do holidays RIGHT so you can enjoy it, AND avoid getting Fat!  The goal is to prepare and plan ahead so that you can enjoy the holiday and stay LEAN.
Would you like to learn the tricks so you can escape being the typical american that gets fat EVERY holiday season?
Would you like to keep your results or IMPROVE them during the holidays?
Want to know how the fittest people stay fit year round? 
If so, Im about to tell you the tricks so you can enjoy your Holiday Dinner, enjoy the family and stay in shape.
Sound like a plan?  Alright lets do this!  

 Im going to make this quick and list it in a few steps.  

 #1 Carb Deplete.  Starting 7 days before the holiday  (start right NOW if you're reading this late), you are going to deplete your body of stored Glycogen(carbs) by eating ONLY Protein/Veggies and Good Fats every day, all the way til the Holiday.  That means thats ALL youre going to eat.  (clients and those who know their Macros/Calorie goals make sure you HIT your recommended calories by just increasing Fats).  This is going to deplete your muscles so they are primed to absorb the carbs on the holiday and you're less likely to spill over into fat.  

 What CAN you eat?

 Protein, Veggies, Fats.   

 Protein (chicken, fish, beef, pork, shellfish, turkey etc) 

 Veggies(Eat GREENS, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, kale, lettuce etc)

 Fats(oils, nuts, seeds, avocado, etc)

 Use Flavorgod, tapatio, Franks Hot sauce, herbs, spices, peppers, onions, salsa (make sure its sugar free and only has veggies, herbs in ingredients).  etc.  

 Foods that you CANNOT eat during this period all carbs including fruit, oats, rice, quinoa, beans or any other high carb foods.  This especially includes ALL processed foods like bread, pasta, tortillas etc.  

 You will drop a few lbs during this time, so you're welcome for that.  

Being ripped takes consistent thinking and planning ahead, at all times.  Remember that!  


 Step #2 TRAIN!  

You HAVE to increase your calorie OUTPUT all week but especially on the holiday day.  YOU HAAAVVVEEE TOOO!  So if you're traveling you better get your ass up EARLY that day and go TRAIN intensely before you go.  You must get your calorie burn UP for the day to prevent any Fat gain. Plan your workout ahead of time, pack clothes, shoes.   
Why is this so importantj you train on this day?
Because fat gain comes from OVER consuming calories.   Any time you eat MORE calories than your body burns it stores the excess calories as fat.  
So if you dont train, you're going to gain.  Its very easy to gain fat if you're not burning very many calories.  

 Let me give you an example.  Joe and Mary are married.  Mary is 5'3 and weighs 140lbs, if she does not workout her body will probably only burn around 1400 calories for the day.  Joe is 5'9" about 180, his body will burn about 2000 calories if he does not workout.   If Mary eats 1500+ or more and shes gaining fat, if Joe eats 2100+ or more hes getting fat.  Thats only a 100 extra calories, and we all know that you're going to eat more than you should.  So its Very very easy to gain fat on a holiday feast if you dont train.  

So what would a smart couple do to prevent gaining fat?

TRAIN!  Increase the calorie OUTPUT!  Get their calorie burn up as HIGH as possible to prevent any calories eaten from being stored as fat.  

So if she TRAINS intensely that day her burn is going to be around 2300+ for the day, if he trains hard he will be over 3000+ burned for the day.  This will protect them and help prevent them from gaining any holiday weight as long as they follow the other rules.    

 So what are you going to make sure you do on the day of the holiday?

TRAIN!!!  Burn ,1000-1,500+ calories(use heart rate monitor to track).

 Get your ass up EARLY before everyone else and go train!  I dont care if you're traveling, there is a gym in every city you can train at pay the day fee if you're not a member.  There is a highschool track in every city you can do sprints, stadiums.  You can lace up your shoes walk outside and do 20-50 sprints, burpees, pushups, walking lunges, etc.  There is NO EXCUSE why you cant train.  
Plan your workout and go DTFW so you can stay lean through the holidays.  This day should be your BIGGEST BURN!
Training daily should be a normal part of your daily routine, being ripped, living ripped requires always prioritizing your training and nutrition.  
Now that you undestand what you have to do the day of physically, lets now to talk about how to EAT on this day.
Yes, there are rules for HOW you eat and the food choices you make.   


Step #3 Protein Plate FIRST!!!  
Alright, by this point you have been doing well, you're carb depleted, You worked out the morning of the holiday and now its time to enjoy the day!  

There are Rules you need to follow when eating, ALWAYS, but especially on holidays. 

Now the number 1 rule to eating EVERY single meal of your life is to PVF which means EVERY single meal you must eat PROTEIN and VEGGIES FIRST.  This is vital for creating the optimal hormonal balance, keeping your blood sugar in check and fueling you with consistent energy.  Which prevents cravings, binging, and over eating leading to you getting fat.    

Now on holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other big celebration this rule always stands but we take this rule 1 step further.  

That rule is "Protein Plate First!"

Plate Number 1 is full of PROTEIN.  This means your entire first plate of food is ONLY protein.  Screw the veggies, pack that plate full of pure protein.  This means Lots of turkey, chicken, ham, eggs or whatever else thats protein you're serving is what fills your first plate.  You do NOT touch any carbs, pie, mashed potatoes, chips, fruit, stuffing, NOTHING until you have eaten an entire plate of your PROTEIN first.  

 We do this for a few reasons....1. It slows the digestion of the Carbs which will prevent your blood sugar from Spiking, leading to a crash and you eating ravenously all day(making yourself fat).  2.  This keeps you fuller for a very long time, filling your stomach, and this prevents you from wanting to binge on the Carby foods, because you will be fuller it will limit the amount of food you eat and the calories you consume.  
Versus you doing what ALL people do wrong, drinking alcohol, eating chips, breads, carbs BEFORE anything else.  This spikes blood sugar, causing a burst of Insulin(storage hormone), then leading to blood sugar crashes, insane cravings, and binge eating ALL DAY long.  This is why most Americans get so fat during the holiday season.  They do it all wrong.  
This is why Im giving you the secrets and hacks.

Now understand, this rule also applies to drinking alcohol.  NO DRINKS until after you have eaten your first plate of protein.  For the same reason as above.  No mimosas, no wine, until you've eaten your first Protein Plate.   What did I just say?  NO ALCOHOL until after you have eaten your protein plate.  

You also need to CHOOSE, you either get to drink(Clean wine, martinis, whiskey on rocks, vodka with lime) or eat your carbs.  

This means you either get to choose protein and alcohol, or protein and carbs(fruit, paleo pies, gluten free stuffing, mashed potatoes).  You cant have both.  Choose one or the other.  

 Make sense?  Good!  

So what are you going to eat first?

Full plate of protein!!!

Living ripped means always living and thinking like a ripped person lives and thinks.  PVF and Protein Plate first are STAPLES to LIFE!  


Step #4.  NO FLOUR!  

The number one thing you want to make sure you avoid at ALL costs is flour.  This means bread, pasta, breaded, stuffing, pizza, pie crusts, etc.  The reason is because #1, its highly addictive, and it will lead to cravings for more carbs/sugar/flour the rest of the day and days after.  But the most important reason is because it is HIGHLY inflammatory, it will inflame your body within.  This inflammation always flares up old injuries, current issues, or an area that is tight and knotted already.  This inflammation WILL lead to PAIN, a pulled muscle, or torn muscle, when you train next.  It can limit your ability to train 100% for up to 7-14 days after you eat it.  So avoid anything that has or could possibly have this ingredient in it.  This means all the processed carbs, pie crusts, gravy, stuffing, bread, pizza etc.  
Want to know the secret to finding recipes for your favorite Pie or dish that doesnt include flour or refined sugar?  
Well here is the secret, google "Paleo pumpkin pie recipes"  or "Paleo apple pie recipes".  Anything that qualifies as a Paleo food means it does not have refined flour or sugar in the ingredients, but still taste amazing.   They are healthier and safer.    
Being ripped requires you being in good health year round.  If you're injured, or nursing an injury you cant train the way you need to get or stay ripped.  If you're constantly having cravings for junk because you ate something made of crap, its going to make it harder for you to stay on point and you risk losing all of your results.
So STAY away from processed foods.  Stay away from FLOUR especially.  Note, Sugar also does the same thing.  But flour is a bit worse.  
Recap, What ingredient are you going to avoid?
Flour!  And ALL processed foods, but especially flour.  
Step #5.  Be Disciplined.  After you have eaten your first plate you can have a lil of the stuff you want to have!  Have some Paleo pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, Paleo stuffing, fruit salad and whatever you desire.  BUT, of course theres a BUT,  BE DISCIPLINED!  This means avoid certain foods.  This means do NOT stuff yourself full of crap, DO NOT eat a whole pie to yourself, just have a slice and move on.  Have a few bites of all the things you want but dont binge like a piggy.  Being Defined is ALL about being DISCIPLINED all the time.  Dont ruin all your hard work and set yourself back weeks because you got wreckless.  Follow these rules and youre guaranteed to get away with it!  
Truly if being ripped is your goal, you should be weighing, tracking, accounting for every bite.  But if you follow these rules and be disciplined you will get through the holiday guilt free, and lean.  With a crazy high burn, carb depletion, and protein plate first, you should be safe.  
But remember, being Ripped year round means being disciplined year round.  

 Step #6.  Throw it out!  This means as soon as the holiday is over so is your eating the food.  So all the CARB left overs that are there at the end of the day go straight in the TRASH.  Keep the Turkey for your protein source the next few days, but all the pies, sweets, high carb foods, and all other foods that you crave and will make you fat go in the TRASH.   Toss it and you wont be tempted.  Yes, I said WASTE the food.  

We do this because if you dont throw it away you're going to continue eating it and you're going to get FAT.  Then you're going to be set back for WEEKS.  Trust me, its much easier to throw these away and be disciplined with your food than it is to try and burn it off later.
 The "Ill burn it off later" mentality is why most people are always fat.  NO YOU WONT burn it off later, who are you kidding?  You still havent burned off last weeks, or last years!  Throw it away!!!  This falls under the be DISCIPLINED category.  Fit people fit because they are highly disciplined.  Want to be fit?  Then be highly disciplined.  

 So what are you going to do with all the leftovers?

Good answer, Throw it away!

Living ripped means doing whatever it takes to LIVE ripped .  

So there you go!  There are the 6 tips to stay lean through the holiday.  Follow these 6 rules and you will live ripped through the holiday season.  While everyone else is getting fatter, you're getting fitter.  Youll be LOL at all those suckers when you start the new year already on point.  

These are the same rules I do myself which is why I live ripped year round.  These are the same rules I teach my clients.  These are the same rules I teach in my book "The Shredded Executive"  

You can use these rules YEAR round and apply them to holidays, bday parties, or weekly dinners with friends.  The same rules always apply.    

 To sum it up one more time:

 #1 Deplete Carbs Starting one Week out(or as soon as you read this if its within that frame). Eat ONLY Protein, Veggies, Good Fats.

 #2 Burn 1000+! Burn those calories, tons of calories on this day!  Get up early and GTFW!

 #3 Protein plate first!   First Plate of food on the feast is PROTEIN! 

#4 No Flour!  Google Paleo Recipes for favorite dishes.  

#5. Be Disciplined, dont binge.
#6.  Trash the leftover pies, carbs.
#7. Think. Act. Behave. Like a ripped person thinks, acts, behaves.  


Do this and you're for sure to get away unscathed and you will be thanking me the next morning!  


SHARE this! FWD it to friends and family so they also have tips and a heads up of what to expect from you.  

Sharing is Sexy!  Help me educate the world and inspire people to live better.  

You are very welcome!

 Daymond Sewall

Author The Shredded Executive (Available on Amazon, kindle, Audio coming soon)

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