Get Defined(ladies).....Get Shredded(guys)

We are definition specialists, burning fat and getting a defined body is WHAT we specialize in.  This is a Hardcore, High Intensity Fitness Program that uses Scientifically Proven Nutrition and Training Strategies to Torch Fat, Sculpt your Body, and Create the most defined incredible version of you.  

We incorporate High Intensity Strength Training with a very Specific Strategic Style of Nutrition(which we simplify), Constant Accountability,  to maximize your Fat Burning, Boost your Metabolism and literally transform your entire physique.   Just go take a look at our Visible Results tab to see PROOF.  

We turn the Ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY.  We turn the Obese to Beasts.  We turn Fat Asses into Bad Asses.  


"See yourself as a success in your mind, and you will get it in your life" 

One of the most important missing links in most peoples lives that leads to failure, is that they do not understand the importance of the Mental aspect.  You may not realize this but the MENTAL game is the MOST important aspect of getting the body of your dreams.  Without the proper attitude, beliefs, perspectives, habits and focus, even the most incredible nutrition and training program will lead to failure.  Because if you dont SEE yourself as a success, you will self sabotage.  Didnt know that huh?  Thats why you need to be committed to training with PF.  

We invest a lot of time teaching you to Believe in yourself, pushing you to do things you dont think you can do, giving you a different perspective on situations and life circumstances, instilling self discipline, creating new habits, choices, behaviors, and helping you SEE yourself as the person you want to become.  This journey of getting Fit, Defined, Sexy, Shredded and Confident is primarily a psychological game.  Learn to control your mind, and you control all the results in your life.  

SAVE Time.  

You're busy, we get that you dont have all day to workout.  This is why we work so hard in training, minimize rest periods, and train very intensely to maximize your time spent in the gym.  Come in, train hard and give it 120%, then go home and live your life.  You wont be doing hours of cardio, as matter of fact we DO NOT DO CARDIO(traditional, low intensity, steady state).  With the style of training that we do it is very intense and will melt the calories off of your body to burn fat and reveal DEFINITION.  Its what we specialize in remember?  


The reality is, in order to get the body and KEEP it, you are going to have to make permanent changes to your lifestyle.  If you're not willing or ready to change, then I recommend that you stop reading now, because we only train serious people.  

Improving how you eat and the quality of your training CONSISTENTLY is how you're going to get the results and KEEP them.  We will teach you how.  This includes constant accountability and coaching to help you navigate through lifes social situations, business travel, vacations, so you can enjoy life and KEEP your results.  There are strategies for eating out, drinking, holidays, and all travel that you need to learn and implement which we will teach you.  You CAN have it all, but you are going to have to be smarter about your choices.  


"You cannot out train a bad diet"

Nutrition is where 80% of your results are coming from.  So because this is such a major portion of your results, its our #1 FOCUS.  We do things very strategically, we utilize a very effective Macronutrients(protein, carbs, fats) based nutrition method, to achieve a specific calorie intake to burn fat and deliver Definition.  This is NOT a starvation diet, we actually eat a very good amount of food, just the right foods with the right portions.  Although we do provide personalized meal plans, we have found people tend to just follow our basic eating rules and create their own.  As long as you hit your numbers for the day, thats all the matters, and you burn fat and get lean.  Lots of people try to copy us, but they're not even close.  ;)


This is the truth.  Your success is our number 1 priority and we will do whatever it takes for however long it takes to HELP you get the body of your dreams.  Everyone is different, some are On Point from day 1, some need more coaching, teaching, accountability and sometimes punishing to HELP them create the necessary changes in your lives.  Its truly dependent ones desire for change, their mental game, and their commitment.

 Regardless, we have your back and we will HELP you and do whatever we need to deliver the body of your dreams.  

But I assure you, "Do as Directed and you will Look and Feel better than you have ever expected"

Now its up to you, without ACTION nothing changes.  So take ACTION right now and contact us.  I Promise this is the best decision you will ever make.  

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